Experience in the use of Chocolate Slim

This story was told to Laura from the city of Basel (Switzerland). The girl shared a difficult period of his life, and he told us how chocolate drink Chocolate Slim it help you to lose weight and regain a slim figure.

Since childhood, I was a little exuberant girl. But my exuberant cheeks just happy everything and pushed to buy me another candy. My fatness doesn't hurt. In high school I was active, cheerful, clockwork girl, so that all the boys I loved, not hurt, all the friends with me. When he reached adolescence, I was one of the first formats and very quickly turned from a girl into a woman, well stretched and the excess weight almost was not. It was slightly curved, but not fat. The fans had more than enough, at this time, we began to meet with her future husband.

As I started to gain weight

Over the years I started to gain weight, not too fast, but 6-8 kg were recruited. In my life, it did not affect her husband, were in the hand, and continued to do so. Classmates loved by my cheerful disposition, and I just didn't feel the need to pay attention to these trifles as the folds at the waist and curvy hips. Since I married my husband, very early, to have children, in no hurry, but a few years later came to the conclusion that it would be possible to think about the topic.

I got pregnant quickly, pregnancy was easy, was morning sickness in the first trimester, Oh and the last time I had to lie on the support, but in General it has gone well. In 9 months I gained 18 kg, and the doctors scolded me, saying that a lot, but I thought that there is nothing terrible there, face and all to if same will happen. However, my opinion was incorrect. Of course, it is not only the past, but in the first year of a child's life And continued to gain weight.

Time passed, and, in General, quite without me, I already weighed over 100 pounds. And I would, probably, still it does not bother, if I had not started health problems: high blood pressure, shortness of breath, problems with heart and joints. But the last straw was when my son went to first grade and the day of the health And as a member of the PTA was on a school trip. The first time I feel ashamed of its appearance, the mother was slender, pretty, young, and I, as large numbers of the scale looked about 15 years older than them. And even the mothers who brought it to the school your youngest children, looked better than I do. When the time came for the offer, I was ready to sink into the earth, of shame. I had nothing to do: try to run the result was that I developed severe shortness of breath, pain in the knees and the heart. On arriving home, I was determined that we should take and immediately lose weight.

The decision to change your life for the better

I cried all night and in the morning, as says the girl who decided to lose weight, I have made oat flour in the water and began to eat Breakfast. The enthusiasm was more for the lunch hour. And at work, I usually eat in the dining room, the usual chicken legs with potatoes and soup. From my attempts to lose weight were regular. But for more than 3-4 days of the diet, or at least a proper diet And could not stand. I'm just crazy hungry and I'm broke. After I fell into a deep depression, don't expect to lose weight is not easy, I don't think that depends on the food, and even the support of your husband quotes not motivated, quite the contrary. He tried to convince me that I do not need to lose weight, and that is why I am suffering some limitations, they say, he and his daughter love me, and all these diets I do not need.

But I'm not going to, he started to look for easy ways, as they say. First, I decided to encode of overeating, but for me it did not help – I got up in the night in the refrigerator, and continued to do so. Then I bought a system of 25-th frame, but it was nothing more than a hoax. Began to look at the pills – the squads were totally chemistry, and the list of contraindications is very impressive. It was horrible, but I almost decided, and I found in a review on Chocolate Slim. And decided to postpone the purchase of the magic pills and try first safe and the description of the delicious drink.

And now I'm ready to sing odes to him. This really is the most effective, easy and affordable way to lose weight. Almost immediately I felt that my appetite was reduced. In addition to that it was very convenient to bring it to work instead of lunch. Fellow first surprised, how to work without a break, and in General, do I refuse to eat. But I really wish to make cakes, pastries and chocolates and I just don't. One day a colleague was celebrating a birthday and brought a cake as is, in the name of decency I ate a small piece, and I don't like it and very oily and sweet foods. Despite the fact that I didn't have dinner according to colleagues, on the other hand, after the dining room I wanted only to sleep, my energy was more than enough, and I started walking from work to work on foot.

Of course, in this mode, the pounds were literally melting before our eyes. I felt lighter and more clear, I wanted to literally float in the air. This force I have not felt in a long time. And the fact that it turns out that you can eat small portions of favorite food, for me, it was really a revelation. So Chocolate Slim he saved my figure, my health, and literally gave me a new life.

Experience in the use of Chocolate Slim

Now I am completely happy with my weight, but I want to give the shape of the terrain, so plan to visit the gym. If there is not enough energy to continue in the cup of the delicious drink. In General, I advise everyone to try Chocolate Slim! Cessation of exhausting yourself diets, living in the depression, and just enjoy life with Chocolate Slim and losing weight!