Good berry for weight loss: eat well without gaining weight

Beans-traditional product in the table of many Nations. They are recognized as useful by doctors from different fields of medicine, are included in weight loss diet. There is a developed system of loss of weight with the consumption of large amounts of legumes are sources of vegetable protein, which gives fast and long saturation.

Can I eat beans to lose weight

All the representatives of the legumes are rich in a composition:

  • vitamins PP, C, K and E, and almost the entire line;
  • potassium, phosphorus, magnesium;
  • iron, manganese, and zinc;
  • amino acids;
  • the pectin, cellulose;
  • lysine, phytates.

All of these elements take an active part in metabolic processes and its adequate intake speeds up the metabolism, which affects burning of fat cells. Use beans for weight loss:

  • from the body of toxins, toxins and excess fluid – swelling disappear, changing the best skin;
  • the bowel is cleaned of stool, the walls begin to absorb only the nutrients from the already digested food;
  • is weak choleretic action, improves digestion, normalizes and stabiliziruemost the level of sugar in the blood is "bad"cholesterol.

Due to the high content of vitamins of the line In all the representatives of the legumes to improve the functioning of the brain (increase the concentration, make a reinforcement of the memory), and stabilize the emotional background is becoming rare stress, get out of the stagnation disappears, the desire to "jam" problems and difficulties.


Slimming legumes are a good choice because of their low caloric content. And the doctors isolated the ability of these products to provide a film on the mucosa of the stomach, which prevents the rapid absorption of large amounts of fat and carbohydrates. This brings us to a complete transformation of the second into glucose, which provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Harmful properties, it is possible to allocate only the increased formation of gas is a "side effect" in the use of any member of plants of legumes. But to make it less intensive, you can use fennel or mint – that are used simultaneously with the "harmful" products.

Contraindications for

Beans, lentils and beans can be consumed all people. Doctors have identified a number of internal diseases in which is contraindicated:

  • pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas);
  • pathologies of the joints;
  • rheumatism;
  • gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach);
  • the kidney disease, which leads to hard and with complications.

Legumes are not able to enter the menu of men and some of dermo-disease – these foods excrete the excess fluid, with which the "go" of calcium and iron.

Before you start to lose weight on a diet with legumes, must be subjected to examination by a doctor even in the absence of diagnosed diseases.

Diet legumes

She has a diet that is diverse, is characterized by the absence of episodes of hunger, dizziness and nausea, even with a limited diet. The maximum period of the diet for 2 weeks, a second course of weight loss can be carried out not earlier than 3 months. To go from this diet should be carefully: slowly build up the calories, eat a lot of sweets and fats.

The best option would be and keep a balanced diet, but with a small amount of beans in the menu and the meat. Then, even during the breaks between the courses of the weight loss the weight will be reduced or at least maintained in present value.

Diet bean will be more effective if the person who plays the sport. Moderate exercise just to speed up the process of weight loss.

The pros and cons

The main "plus" of this weight loss I think it is good for the body as a whole. The doctors are the following advantages of the diet legumes:

  • weight loss occurs evenly and slowly get rid of 5 — 8 kg in 2 weeks, which is optimal for the achievement of results sustainable;
  • the body does not experience the stress of not begins to put on extra fat reserves and not the man tormented by episodes of acute hunger;
  • the diet is balanced, there is no advantage or disadvantage in some elements;
  • allowed foods a lot of difficulties in compiling a varied menu not.

Among the shortcomings of the diet you can highlight the complete lack of meat in the menu, for many people, this factor could be decisive. And not for lack of proteins in the body (that is enough of the product in question), and against the background of psychological distress. In some cases, the lack of animal protein leads to irritation, unwarranted aggression, mood swings that negatively affects the functioning of the nervous system.


Nutritionists say that the menu can include almost all foods, except meat. Of course, you need to give any pastry, sugar, sweets and cakes and desserts, milk and dairy products with high fat content, alcohol.

In the list of allowed foods includes:

  • grains all cereals, cooked in water without butter;
  • the fish are not oily varieties (some nutritionists refuse to recommend this product);
  • whole milk and any milk products;
  • dried fruits – raisins, apricots, prunes, but dates should be abandoned;
  • vegetables and fruit in the fresh form or after heat treatment;
  • rye bread (preferably yesterday or crackers, but not more than 200 g per day);
  • any fruits of the forest;
  • fruit drinks, green tea and black coffee – without sugar, the milk;
  • jelly.

And this list is not primary, it is a Supplement!


To understand how the menu is the diet in legumes, you should carefully study the example for a day:

  • morning – 2 slices of dry bread + cheese (50 g) + 200 ml of yogurt with no sugar;
  • day boiled beans + sauerkraut with onion and a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • in the night – river or sea boiled fish (100 g) + canned or fresh green peas (100 g).

It is very convenient not to make snacks, but if the hunger is too intense, you are allowed to eat something with fresh vegetables or fruits – sour apples, carrots, pear, cabbage, citrus, kiwi.

To receive the desired results weight loss needed when menus note only one thing: the morning to eat beans is not necessary, it is better to postpone for lunch and dinner. And for a meal is allowed to eat, not more than 100 g of the main product.


Beans can be cooked different dishes. Are saved all the vitamins and micro/macro elements, the weight is made in such a way that the additional components do not increase the caloric value of daily menu.

Soup of legumes

As main product, you can take lentils, peas, broad beans or white/red beans. In 2 liters of water put grated or cut into cubes, the carrot, the onion and put in the fire. Legumes should be rinsed in running water until, until the liquid becomes transparent by the specified amount of water will be needed ? glass. When the water boils, add the main component, and cook until tender.

The recommendations of nutritionists:

  • if you are using the beans, after soaking some hours before cooking in hot water;
  • can of soup, a little salt, but preferably of the species to give;
  • in the finished product add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • to improve the taste of the plate with soup to put fresh herbs;
  • in a meal you can eat 150 ml of this type of food.

Pea "zatiruha"

This porridge, which nourishes even with a limited use. You need to rinse the peas, cover with water in a proportion of 2 cups of beans 5 cups of liquid, bring to a boil and cook over a slow heat. In the process of the kitchen "zatiruha" you can of salt. As soon as the peas will be ready, it must be crushed into a purée – this is done in the pot in which you cooked the porridge. You can simplify the process and beat with a whisk.

The recipe to point "zatiruha" add a bit of butter and the dill. To reduce calories of the meals oil is to take the plant and reduce its number to the possible minimum.

Salad warm

The beans are boiled until tender, pre-soak in hot water for a few hours. At the time of preparation of beans you need to fry any mushrooms in vegetable oil with onion. All the ingredients of the salad should be warm, in the finished dish, you can't add the sour cream, mayonnaise, and it does so very fat and succulent. You can enhance your taste salt and black pepper.

Warm salad can be eaten at a lunch meal, for the night is too heavy.

Bean pills and slimming capsule

For the lazy in commercially available bean capsules, tablets. According to the manufacturers, who actively burn fat, regulate metabolism, reduce appetite and relieve cravings for sweets.


Slimming legumes are produced in tablets and capsules, which are made up of, supposedly, contain a concentration of all the elements included in the composition of beans, lentils, peas. It is believed that the form of tablets and capsules has the form of beans, which is why they have this name. But dieticians warn that

  • the packaging indicates that the composition of the tablets and capsules extract Konvaliya marine (algae) – in fact, this kind of marina is that it is not mentioned in any encyclopaedia;
  • tablets and capsules are not a drug is a biologically active additives (baa), which is intended only to improve the process of digestion;
  • this medication should accompany the consumption of large amounts of clean water;
  • long-term use of capsules or pills cause side effects – nausea with uncontrollable vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, lower blood pressure, the reduction of the concentration of memory and attention.

Forms of reception

There are several ways to receive Bada:

  • 1 thing a day for a half hour before the first meal;
  • 2 pieces a day, before lunch and dinner;
  • 1 thing 2 day before Breakfast for 2.5 months.

They are available in packs of 18, 36 and 60 capsules – some claim that only three of the packaging give you a real weight loss results, so it must be purchased once for the entire course. But here you have to do the calculations. For example, if a person has obesity 2 — 3 degrees, he will need to take 2 capsules per day for 1 month.


Given the high likelihood of serious side effects, it can be assumed that the composition of capsules for weight loss there is "something forbidden, chemical and hazardous for the health". And if the manufacturer does not specify this element, then hide it is that. Official medicine claims that the use of capsules does not lead to weight loss.

Some want to bring their figure in order to claim that week weight is reduced to 5 kg. But quickly he returns, maybe even in greater number.

Diet gives real weight loss only if it is strictly enforced and is accompanied by a physical effort. Not capsules and tablets, does not give a similar effect! On the contrary, unreasonable to think that the intake of dietary Supplements, the rejection of the correct nutrition and sport can lead to a significant deterioration of the health status.