Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides for women

Belly and sides expand for various reasons: pregnancy, disease, malnutrition, stress, so that the diet menu for weight loss belly and sides should consider the specific needs of the body and the amount of excess weight. To remove the volume and the fat in this area is difficult, therefore, you should not count on a fast and spectacular effect. To lose weight help and avoiding the diet, but must be repeated periodically. In addition, it is advisable not only to adjust the diet, but also exercise. A comprehensive approach is most effective.

Causes of fat deposits in the abdomen

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Causes of the accumulation of fat are both internal and external origins.

Stressful situation. Response to stress is individual. In particular, it leads to uncontrolled consumption of food. In addition, under stress release the hormone cortisol, which turns into calories of fat. This is doubly contributes to the increase of weight. To avoid the consequences in the form of gaining kilos, it is recommended to take soothing.

The lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is a full of the increase of weight due to deceleration of the blood supply to the tissues and metabolism, low in energy demand. When a person is not experiencing physical stress, muscle atrophy and fat tissue thickens, it develops the cellulite accumulate fat in the abdomen and flanks.

Diseases of the liver and dropsy. These diseases cause abnormal growth of the abdomen.

An improper diet. Negatively affects the body in all directions:

  • salty food causes fluid retention in the body;
  • cholesterol clogs the blood vessels, which alters the function of the body;
  • eating at different times causes problems with the digestion of fats worse digested;
  • due to the consumption of food in large volume, the stomach gradually stretches, and achieve a feeling of fullness need to eat more and more food.

The inheritance. Fat deposits on the belly and flanks typical of the type of shape of the Apple. Specific actions aimed at weight loss, you must run as soon as there have been negative developments in this area, due to the loss of weight in this case on the abdomen and flanks difficult.

Menopause. The natural period in a woman's life when change of shape. It is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and sides. To normalize the weight using methods hormonal.

After the birth. During the part, the body stores the extra pounds to protect the fetus and its power in a critical situation. In addition, hormonal changes. After the baby was born the skin of the abdomen becomes flabby and sagging. But if you take action, slimming abdomen and sides will be quick.

Hormonal failure. An excess of cortisol slows down the metabolism and causes the accumulation of fat. For the normalization of the hormonal balance, you can start to lose weight.

What should be the proper diet for the weight loss of the belly?

In the stomach lose weight, you must observe the rule: consume less calories than consumed. If the amount of fat in the body is negligible, it is enough to eat as usual, with the exception of harmful products and adding moderate exercise. In the presence of a significant number of pounds and the belly is necessary diet. Diet for weight loss belly and sides for women can be hard and soft, of varying duration, ranging from days to a couple of weeks.

In any case, you should follow a healthy diet:

  • 5 meals per day with your meals in a strictly allotted time.
  • Dinner at least 3 hours before you go to sleep, but not later than 7 PM.
  • The daily rate of water consumption – 2 l of drinking water must be fasting, after half an hour before eating before each meal. The water will be adjusted to the stomach on digestion and blunts hunger.

The main characteristics of proper nutrition

To eat well you do not need help with weight loss. Following the basic concepts of a healthy diet, we can normalize the work of all systems of the body through the consumption of healthy foods and their proper preparation.

  • As a dressing for salads use yogurt, low-fat sour cream, flax or olive oil, rich in vitamin E. the Mayo rule.
  • Food can be broiled, baked, steamed. In the process of cooking fat is not added.
  • You need to simmer.
  • Excludes fried, fatty foods, alcohol, soft drinks. If you want to roast, to cook the dishes that you need in a dry pan without oil.
  • As a Supplement to a normal diet taking vitamins.
  • Daily caloric content of foods consumed in the range of 1500-1800 kcal.
  • The fat of the meat and poultry must be cut.

Important! Portions should be such as to leave a feeling of light hunger – an average of 200-250 g. Due to the small portions will decrease the volume of the stomach, the saturation occurs more quickly.

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The woman in the video talks about the 10 principles of proper nutrition, which is not difficult to observe:

Total or partial, of the exclusion of harmful foods and drinks

Harmful foods for weight loss belly and sides is not only specific products, but incorrectly cooked meals.

The food Not allowedDamage
Pastry (including cakes, cookies, waffles)These products contain TRANS fat, which contribute to obesity, development of diabetes, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, the deposition of cholesterol
Fast food
Candy and other confectionery productsContain a lot of sugar, which is rapidly absorbed and deposited as fat. Due to the rapid digestion almost immediately comes a feeling of hunger
Ice cream
SaltSalt retains water in the body, and add pounds of weight
PreservativesAccumulate in the body and affect the metabolism

Healthy diet

Healthy foods for weight loss should include in the diet. Mechanism of action differ:

  • they have fat burning properties.
  • accelerate the metabolism;
  • clean the intestines.

Products promoting weight loss:

The loss of fatGreen teaEliminates the body fat, including visceral
CucumbersContain a large amount of water, vitamins
GingerPromotes resorption of subcutaneous fat, the improvement of the secretion of the stomach
Cinnamon powderAs ginger, prevents the accumulation of excess fat
Red wineUseful substance – resveratrol, contained in wine, destroys fat cells
Accelerating the metabolismHellIt prevents the deposition of fat, accelerating the metabolism
GrapefruitDue to the presence of organic acids and essential oils speeds up your digestion
LegumesNutritious and are low in calories, thus speed up the metabolism
ColSpeeds up the processing of the fat, preventing its absorption. At the same time rich in nutrients.
Dairy productsQuickly saturate, normalize the digestive tract
CleaningOatmealAs a brush for cleaning the body of toxins
BranRich in natural fibre

Balanced menus

a healthy diet

The diet should be balanced. It should consist of foods rich in:

  • fiber: fruits and vegetables – 30%,
  • complex carbohydrates: whole grains – 40%;
  • proteins: nuts, mushrooms, lean meat, fish, cheese) – 20%;
  • lactic bacteria: kefir, the yogurt – 10%.

The total amount of fat, salt and sugar must not exceed 5% of the total amount of the daily allowance.

Fractional power

In accordance with the principle of power fractional, the daily requirement should be divided into 5 parts, including 3 – Breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks between the main meals. The time can be adjusted to suit your schedule, with the condition that between each meal took no less than 2.5 and not more than 4 hours. Best time:

  • Of the 7 of the morning;
  • 10;
  • the time of day;
  • 4 hours of the day;
  • 7 in the AFTERNOON.

Effective diet for weight loss belly and sides is not always reglamentary snacks, however, on this diet, especially long, feeling hungry, eats an Apple or a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Please, note! To eat before going to sleep is impossible.

Proper distribution of daily caloric content of food

Daily calories should be taken as 100%.

  • Breakfast should be nutritive, but not too many calories by 25%.
  • The lunch should be tight enough to eat – 40%.
  • Light dinner – 20%.
  • First meal – 5%.
  • Second snack – 10%.

Other important tips

Diet will have more noticeable effect in a complex with physical exercises. That stimulates the body. In addition to the exercise, nutritionists recommend to Supplement the diet:

  • around;
  • campaigns in bath and sauna;
  • the increased consumption of water;
  • massage.

Please, note! positive effect on weight loss a full 8 hours of sleep.

The options of fasting days

The fasting day – a day easy diet for weight loss belly and sides. They are very effective if you repeat them periodically, for example weekly, complementing in this way, an adequate and balanced. Because of the days of fasting cleanses the intestines, normalizes metabolism, reduces the amount of waist.

The essence of unloading in use during the day, any product. The best day of fasting is the one that is based on the consumption of favorite foods.

Kinds of fasting days:

Kefir1-1,5 l dispense 5-6 servings.
RiceIn the evening pour in the washed raw rice with water, salt and oil are not added. For every day to eat 500 grams of rice.
BuckwheatCook like rice.
Apple5-6 times per day eat 1 Apple. If you get a strong hunger that you can eat more, but not more than 1.5 kg a day.
The watermelonFor each day to eat 2 kg of pasta.
The chickenChicken breast boiled or steamed. Make sure you remove the skin. Daily portion – 400 g
In cucumbersIt is possible to eat without restrictions.
Grapefruit2 pieces a day. Due to the high content of acid in the grapefruit fasting day is not suitable for people with gastrointestinal problems: ulcer, gastritis.
Water with lemonWithout restrictions.

You can combine the two products in half the daily volume, so that it is easier to withstand the limit. Popular combinations:

  • Apple+cottage cheese;
  • chicken+cucumbers;
  • buckwheat+rice.

For greater efficiency, you can add fat burning spices, for example, the cinnamon in the apple, the ginger, the chicken and the yogurt.

Effective exercise for the beautiful waist

Diet + physical activity – the key to success and rapid weight loss. For excess weight up to 10 kg can be limited to Hiking, sports, nature, morning or evening jogs, the restriction of the use of the car, public transport, lift. When more serious problems of the need to do special exercises for weight loss belly and sides. More effective:

  • torsion;
  • exercise "vacuum", "Bicycle";
  • run;
  • leg lifts;
  • the curves with dumbbells;
  • the torsion-circle;
  • jump the rope;
  • exercise bikes and ball;
  • exercises with roller.

And exercises for women need to carry out in the correct sequence: in the first place, cardio exercise, and then be able to load in the newspapers, and after cardio. The duration of the exercise should be of 50-60 minutes. The number of workouts per week from 3 to 5.

Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides


Nutritionists recommend to pay attention to special diet menus with a well-chosen products, slimming abdomen and sides. Food for weight loss belly – it is a menu of different caloric content and the duration of adherence, ranging from simple fasting day and the end of a long 2-3 week diets.