How to make a menu for weight loss

Menu for weight loss. The basics

For a start, remember about the basic principles of natural and effective weight loss:

  • hunger banned!!!
  • meals at intervals of not more than 4 hours;
  • there are no prohibited products;
  • food tasty and varied;
  • stick optimal caloric intake (as calculated here).
proper nutrition for weight loss

Friends, planning my menu for weight loss remember that food, in addition to satisfy hunger, provides pleasure. Therefore, it should be during the weight loss. There is No need to eat tasteless food. Don't bring anything good.

However, if you think that the easiest way to cook buckwheat on the amount of calories a day, or buy fat-free cottage cheese and eat it until up to lose weight. Stop! This is just wrong.

Don't bet on it with the hope to survive. It will not work! I still tear sooner or later. In order to lose weight, there is no need to "neck down" the food that you don't like. It is much easier to eat varied and delicious.

Also, not to prevent myself from eating after a certain time. Eat when you are hungry. Just not to confuse hunger and appetite more.

Focus on physical manifestations of appetite, nausea, weakness and stomach upset.

Believe me, it will be much more damage if you go to bed hungry eat before you go to sleep in the hunger you're not delighted and don't interfere with sleep.

Only wish – try to keep the dinner was not their main dish. You know when your body is most in need of food, focus on this, distributing the daily caloric intake in the fulfilment of their needs.

And before to proceed directly to the menu planning for weight loss (personal diet), I'll remind you that the foundation for natural weight loss is with power fractional, which consists of 3 main meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 snacks (can be more). These 5-6 meals we distribute all of calories daily.

Menu for weight loss. Manual

Menus for weight loss produced on the basis of what type of lifestyle you lead.

If you are a housewife, most of the time you spend at home, therefore, the options that have more. If you are working, it is the best food you have planned before dinner, to take with you. It is not difficult, designed, prepared, distributed into containers and you're done!

Ideally, the period of weight reduction that have committed to this the distribution of the main food components:

  • Fats not more than 20% of calories daily, the preference for fats of vegetable origin;
  • The proteins of the rate of 1-1. 5 grams per kilogram of your current weight;
  • Carbohydrates 50-60% of the calories daily, the percentage of simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sugar, honey) should have 10% of the calories a day.

If you think this is a very complicated, don't worry! Read and all will fall into place.

How to make a diet?

Proper diet is only one inexhaustible topic of conversation in a circle of losing weight ladies.

The weight loss will be safe and effective only when the menu proper diet. The best would be the option of working together with a nutritionist.

There will be a personalized diet based on age, weight, lifestyle, presence of diseases. But the services of a professional is not cheap, and besides, he is not in all the cities.

If you want to develop an individual diet, then, follow the data rules and tips.

How to make a diet: the diet

During the weight loss menu proper diet has to distribute the basic food components:

  • proteins – calculation of a year and a half grams per kilogram of body weight;
  • fats should make no more than 20% of calories daily. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to vegetable fats;
  • carbohydrates represent 50 per cent of the calories a day. But of these, the majority are carbohydrates complex and simple – only 10 percent.
how to eat to lose weight

You must determine the amount of food necessary per day. Here the scheme is simple: for Breakfast, we have to consume not more than 25% of the calories daily, lunch is not more than 10% of the lunch consumed by the 35%, afternoon snack 10%, dinner 20% of calories daily.

How to make a diet: counting calories

Counting calories in a personal diet should be given the time of year and physical activity. Menu of the right diet depends on the person, the style of life. If you lead an active life, eating 1500 kcal.

If you are active in the gym, but always go, you only need 1200 kcal. If the passive and the style of life, after the diet is limited to 1000 kcal.

If the cold time of the year, for a suitable option to add 200-300 calories.

How to make a diet: basic rules

Before weight loss many tormented by the question:"How to make a diet, if we are not talking about complete systems, and personnel of the diet?" We'll give you some tips that will help you in this matter.

Thus, in the first place, it is necessary to determine how many times you eat. It is worth to break the mode of individual diet on three large reception and two additional.

The second rule states that you can not eat more. Do not try to eat everything that is on the plate. If you have the feeling of saturation, then put the dish in hand. With overeating the stomach increases in size, and this means that the next time you want to eat more of his physiological norm.

An appropriate diet implies the consumption of large amounts of fiber. It has a quite useful feature to lose weight is the hunger.

The book on nutrition will tell you how to make a diet.

Do not forget to drink enough fluids, especially in the spring of the water.

Why the body begins to lose weight? And all because begins to consume its fatty tissue when you lack the source of energy supplied with food. Therefore, the menu proper diet eliminates highly caloric and fatty foods.

Eat foods help to burn fat. These foods include cinnamon, green tea, onion, garlic, red wine, cheese, yogurt, pineapple, yogurt, raspberry, grapefruit. Also, make sure that the menu meets the needs of the body in all the nutrients. In this sense, an adequate diet should be healthy and varied.

It is important to think about the products that will be present in your diet. Make a list of the useful products of loss of weight of all the dishes and products for a healthy diet.

Then you can start planning menus in the right diet each day. Here it is necessary to be very attentive and patient. Make a menu based on the caloric content and the composition of the products.

How to make a diet: food

When the loss of weight of our body get rid of toxins. And to prevent discomfort, headache, feeling sick, you should drink more water. Must be clean, preferably in the spring.

Can prepare clean water for you. To do this, fill a plastic water bottle, then put it in the freezer. When you freeze most of the water, drain the remains, which are not necessary.

Melt the ice at room temperature.

In the diet individual diet should consist of lean meat, boiled, baked or steamed. It is possible to consume marine fish, and the mushrooms cooked.

Season food with cinnamon. This helps to reduce the appetite and lower blood sugar levels. Also, the replacement of the bad snacks, nuts: not more than handfuls or grapefruit juice. These products avoid the feeling of hunger.

diet for weight loss

The diet should include green tea without sugar, boiled eggs, steamed pumpkin, red pepper, berries of red, cabbage. Avoid fried food, bacon, sausage, sweets, white bread,sausage, fast food, soft drinks, French fries, ice cream, meat, alcohol.

The list of recommended products:

  • fresh vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • dairy products, fat-free or low in fat. Milk with a lower fat content contains a lot of vitamin b, calcium, phosphorus, protein, but low in fat. It is an ideal product for the proper diet. The same applies to low fat cottage cheese or fresh cheese. In combination with products such as the bread is perfect as Breakfast. Natural yogurt contains a lot of calcium and protein, but little fat. To sweeten your yogurt, add fresh fruit or vanilla;
  • the menu has to be the bread to about 100-150 grams per day because it provides carbohydrates and valuable micronutrients. Give preference to the dark and of flour;
  • include in the diet of sea cabbage. This is the most low-calorie product, rich in valuable micronutrients and macronutrients. Marine algae contribute to the breakdown of fats;
  • rice is an important staple in the diet. It is very useful for health, as it conserves all the vitamins, minerals and fiber, unlike polished rice;
  • fatty fish, such as tuna, salmon, herring, sardine, and others, have to be on the menu proper diet. They are very good for health due to its content of essential fatty acids, manganese, protein, vitamin D;
  • chicken breast – the leader of diet products. Its protein is very easily digested;
  • legumes as a valuable source of fibre, vegetable proteins must be in the diet personal diet;
  • olive oil is the first pressing nourishes the body with the correct fats. After all, it is very necessary for the body, although the diet diet.

Proper nutrition for weight loss: how to make a menu?

Many diets allow you to include in a proper nutrition for weight loss is not the right product, but it all depends on your number. The same thing can be both medicine and poison, all will depend on the number, for example, sugar or pasta.

When you want to lose weight, you must know how to compose a diet suitable for weight loss, to be able to distinguish the right during this period, the products of which should be deleted from the charter.

In preparing the menu of the day should be kept in mind that the meals should be, at least, five.

This approach can be included in the menu is a little blue fish and dairy products, fat content higher than 1%, for example, normal milk or yogurt 3-4%.

The most important aspect of this approach is to calculate the calorie daily diet less than 1300 calories, otherwise the weight loss that can not wait. Because oil the body needs, for cooking servings of salad, you can use a teaspoon, but not more than this amount for the normal functioning of the body would be sufficient.

When menu planning for weight loss should consider certain rules: make sure to moderation, even for its inclusion in the diet of vegetables and fruits.

Need to control the use of the products, and it is very strictly adhere to all the rules of composition of the diet, it is very severely to supervise the implementation of them.

When the food is eaten in excess amounts, the harmony disappears, the thighs acquire "ears" and the waist gets its own "lifeline" of fat.

Proper nutrition for weight loss which means that you can recover the lost the loss of sharpness and a safe way to get rid of the second or even third chin. What little woman wants to feel a kind of floppy pig, wants to be attractive, thin that there are no skin folds on the sides are not hanging.

To proper nutrition for weight loss had excess of calories, it is necessary to consider the energy value of the food, even banal piece of black bread. Still contains about 40-50 calories, and some varieties of bread is still calorie.

How to compose a proper diet for weight loss for the diet current is very necessary for every body fats proteins and carbohydrates? Need to use the table, which shows all the parameters for 100 grams of product.

To the right of the diet must be present protein, for this is included in the daily menu of cereals with milk, boiled fish, cottage cheese low in fat, but not fat free because the body of the animal fats needed.

Some vitamins without the presence of fat is also not absorbed by the body.

proper nutrition

It also helps to lose weight of the protein of the diet, otherwise, it is called "Kremlin". In food proteins are present in unlimited quantities, but again the "correct", that is to say, you must boil the meat, such as fish, but not sausages. There is a large amount of fat and a variety of chemical components, any good body does not production.

Carbohydrates should also be present in the diet every day, but the so-called "long", that is to say, in the form of starch, legumes, but not easily digestible in the form of sucrose. Fast carbs are digested immediately, "burned", that increases the feeling of hunger want to eat, and that is harmful.

Proper diet for weight loss does not imply uncontrolled snack, like an Apple or an orange also have the calories. When snacking frequently, increasing the energy value of daily ration, and the efforts to reduce weight are denied. Control yourself and succeed.

How to compose a proper diet for weight loss that for your base? You want to the result was reduced weight, not the number.

Pay attention to the drinking regime, water is a necessary component of any diet, and one of the most important. We need to drink as much as possible, and considered only the water, but not juices, fruit drinks, kvass.

In short, no liquids other than water, drink can not be considered, which must be attributed to the food.

When in proper nutrition for weight loss included in sufficient quantity of water from the body faster and better toxins from the body, so that they dissolve in it. This fact is very good for general weight loss.