Seeds for weight loss and cleansing the body

Briefly explain why you need seeds for weight loss, get a sentence. Then fat source of omega three, fiber and vegetable protein. This is all, plants reproduce by seeds, which contain everything necessary for the development, but only if we are talking about the sprout. Seeds are a component of the diet of many peoples of the world, there is no one national cuisine in which they would not be used. In the food industry it is used... for everything from baking bread to the production of vegetable oils. And still — that are high in calories. On average, 100 g of seeds is about 400-600 kcal. Therefore, as they lose weight?

seeds for weight loss

Flax seeds for weight loss

Flax seeds — a well-known ingredient in smoothies, salads and pastas. They contain:

  • polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which can accelerate the body's recovery after stress and that affect the hormonal system. Some sources say that if you meet a deficiency of these fats can be unnaturally intense cravings and overeating;
  • proteins of plant origin. Of course, proteins of plant origin that can be considered equal to animals according to a special structure, but that can also satisfy the body's need for certain amino acids and are a good source of supply;
  • dietary fiber and fiber. It is important that you regularly clean the intestines, promotes healing of the intestinal microflora and helps us to absorb soluble vitamins and minerals. And fiber is good for the benefits of the food. If we want to eat something rich in fiber, you will most likely eat less than if we had consumed something that they do not contain fiber.

Traditional recipes with flax seed for weight loss are very different:

  1. drink a glass of water with a spoon of pre-soaked flax seeds. Put the seeds in a glass of the night, to drink much in the morning, before Breakfast, an hour and a half. After this light Breakfast, and besides, that is how it goes. To go, according to the authors of the recipe, must be good, because the fiber fill great;
  2. put in a Cup of yogurt, a teaspoon of flax seed, let stand for 20-30 minutes. After that, drink a lot instead of dinner or second dinner. You can replace this drink and Breakfast too. And then arrange a fasting day on the 5 cups yogurt 5 tablespoons of flax seeds. All of this has lead to exhaustion and a hungry fainting, but in the negation of the state when in the rest of the week you can eat what you want, but to continue to lose weight;
  3. a tablespoon of flax seeds to add to any dish, from cereals to salads, so the day had gone to 15 g of seeds of flax. This should help with the cleaning of the intestine, and the obtaining of the required "doses" of omega-three fatty acids.

We see that the majority of the popular recipes with the flax seed just helps to kill the appetite or dulls. The rest allow you to obtain the essential fatty acids. But, why not just tell us the flax in the popular springs! And write there what you want to read — and the appetite that "kills in the vineyard", and calories-then, it is considered that it is not necessary, and it helps better than the usual methods such as strict diets.

Comments about the flax seed for weight loss indicate that their Supplement helps to get rid of 2 to 3 kg per month. About how much can relieve the people in a balanced diet with a small caloric deficit. So, everything seems very real.

Flax seeds can cause harm if not consumed in excessive amounts. It is recommended not to exceed "dosage" is 25 g per day, and should not eat the seeds of those who have diseases of the pancreas, the liver and the kidneys.

The cumin seeds for weight loss

When we speak of the seeds of cumin for weight loss, in the sense of black cumin. Sources of the medical folk say that the seeds of black cumin oil restores the metabolism, burn fat and promote weight loss by themselves.

The cumin seeds for weight loss take different forms:

  1. some recipes suggest simply chew a few seeds before each meal;
  2. others recommend adding a glass of water;
  3. the third is to add cumin to dishes and products;
  4. fourth — grind the cumin and cinnamon, add to a Cup of yogurt, sprinkle ground ginger on the tip of the blade and replace with this mixture dinner.
Seeds of Chia

Cumin seeds are different than flax seeds, mainly by the presence in the composition of the essential oils. Essential oil several "crippling" the human palate, and in the sense of interrupting the appetite their use may be more promising than the use of seeds that do not contain strong flavors.

In addition to weight loss, this product is able to bring a restorative effect, and can affect positively the human immune system. The use of cumin seeds improves immunity and helps fight bacterial infections and viral infections.

In medicine folk of the countries of the East cumin seeds and cumin oil is recommended for those who have problems with the hormonal system. Cumin seeds are considered to be "female" and is recommended for menstrual irregularities, pain, PMS and fluid retention associated with day of the menstrual cycle.

It is worth noting that in the case of overdose cumin seeds can cause nausea and diarrhea, due to the high concentration of essential oils.

Seeds Chia for weight loss

This product is widely advertised. Today, everyone knows that in nature there are seeds of Chia and which may contribute to weight loss. The product is a part of several diet Supplements which are actively sold on the websites of goods for beauty and health and are included in the diet of almost every fashion blogger on the topic of "beauty and health". But if the seeds of Chia to lose weight?

This South American grain contains a record amount of insoluble fiber. If you soak Chia seeds in water, they give you a gel-like structure, almost like flax seeds, but more intense density. This gel is the main "combat" with an appetite. Yes, we can mechanically fill your stomach with a gel. But this does not mean that we are going to eat less?

In general does not mean, as the problems with overeating can be anything to do with the feeling of satiety, or lack of it. For example, many people eat too large portions of custom, others constantly feel the cravings for eating sweets, because they have too few carbohydrates in the diet, other eat because of stress or inability to cope with strong emotions. In General, it is the rare person who eats too much because of the increase of the appetite, maybe something is extracted from eating seeds.

All others will receive only a useful source of omega three, that will help you combat high cholesterol, make your heart and blood vessels healthy and contribute to the improvement of the hormonal system in General.

Scatter Lee Chia seeds metabolism? They contain a certain amount of iodine, which has a positive impact on the thyroid gland. But to say that, in fact, make the metabolism is super fast and allows you to be a rocket for burning fat, clearly, it is not worth the.

Like all other slimming supplements exotic origin, Chia seeds have a fairly high price. This is the reason negative reviews about them on the Internet. People who lost a significant number of pounds with them a bit.

But those who have spent money — a lot.

How to take seeds Chia for weight loss? The standard recipe includes cooking smoothies with a tablespoon of seeds and any natural dairy products. Data it is necessary to replace 1 meal. Or, as they say on different sites that sell seeds, you only have to chew 1 tablespoon of Chia with a glass of water and wait till the immense appetite magic work.

Contraindications to the appointment of seeds of Chia include obstruction of the intestine, problems with the pancreas and food allergies.

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

The seeds of pumpkin have long been known in medicine folk. Are used fresh in raw form as an antiparasitic agent. To use pumpkin seeds for weight loss — the newest trend, and is associated only with the popularity of the idea that the omega-three fatty acids accelerate the metabolism.

If the impact of omega three on metabolism is awesome? Any scientific evidence is not. Now the fats are omega-three are considered "secret element", the lack of which in the diet, the more likely, and leads to health problems.

Fennel seeds for weight loss

In folk medicine, fennel seeds are used as a diuretic gentle and anti-inflammatory. It is also chewed and brewed in tea for flatulence. The so-called dill water, that is to say, the infusion of fennel seed it is almost the only sure remedy, used for flatulence in children.

Can fennel seeds burn fat? Of course, not. Help to reduce the weight by a small diuretic effect. And it can be a good remedy for the prevention of flatulence.

Basil seeds for weight loss

Basil seeds for weight loss are relatively rare. By themselves, they are a source of essential oils, you chew before meals to kill your appetite. Should take only a small amount of seed, otherwise, the inevitable consequence of an overdose may include upset stomach, diarrhea and flatulence.

Milk Thistle

The seeds of milk Thistle are hepatoprotective. They contribute to the restoration of liver cells, since they contain special essential oils. Also, milk Thistle seed are oil, containing omega-three fatty acids and contribute to the general improvement of the body.

And also have an effect laxative. This related to its use as a means for weight loss. Normally recipes for weight loss, recommended 25 g of seeds per day before meals, divided into 2-3 doses. If you don't exceed the dose, then it can be used not as a laxative, and as a regular source of hepatoprotective substances, omega-three and fiber.

Sesame seed for weight loss

"Hyped" sesame seeds for weight loss notorious Zoya chernakova. I don't know who is this? And about the weight loss with Lissi Mussa sense? So the author of a masterpiece about what we eat cereals certain number of days, and cleanse the body respects the sesame seeds and advised to use them as a seasoning for porridge. They say that they are committed to satisfy all the needs of organisms for monitoring the protein and will allow them to stay healthy.

And what we have in practice? In practice, sesame seeds, of course, contain vegetable protein, omega three and calcium. That, of course, healthy, but high in calories too. And no fat doesn't burn. So, to count from the General "matrix" proteins, fats and carbohydrates, we can include them in your diet. But to call it this way fat burning is unlikely.

Fennel seed

Fennel seeds — essential oil food Supplement, which, in addition, it is a powerful diuretic effect. Fennel seeds contribute to the active removal of fluids from the body, but according to the supporters of its use, does not allow us to reach the dehydration and seizures. Includes fennel seed in your diet, I advise everyone who seeks to get rid of excess weight and bloating, and edema.

In folk medicine it is recommended to brew 5 grams of fennel seed in a glass of water at a temperature of 90 degrees, and take a third of a Cup before each meal.

Then Tao

Tao seeds for weight loss Chinese POOR diet, that should cause us a loss of weight without any change in our style of life. As usually happens with this type of additives, the seeds are served as a kind of secret, almost mystical, mythical, but it is not very expensive.

According to the legend, they speed up the metabolism and helps to lose weight without dieting. In practice, users write their comments almost as stimulants — headache, very dry mouth, feeling "tides". Perhaps Tao is the stimulants, maybe not. Nobody knows, because what kind of plant is the Tao, until now, is also not known.

Psyllium husk


Modern diets for weight loss psyllium seed is used as a source of fiber. Is added to any liquid — tea, and the juice of yogurt, and its use leads to the fact that the liquid is transformed into a gel. In the end, there is more rapid filling of the stomach. In General, psyllium seed is another product in order to lower appetite and improve intestinal motility. And if to add to dairy products, it turns out that the consistency of a pudding, without the use of gelatin. In General, psyllium seed is a great product for healthy and functional foods, but that, of course, also don't burn fat.

Conclusion. The seeds can be used in your diet, if weight loss. Don't forget about the need to dose their intake and count calories, to take into account the size of the servings and the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.