Drinks to lose weight drink and lose weight

Homemade drinks for weight loss invaluable helpers on the path to harmony. Sometimes it helps to change a plateau where the weight and the diet does not help. There is abundant drinks, easily replace dinner. There are recipes that have a remarkable effect drainage – leading to toning the lymphatic system and powerful acceleration of the metabolism. But there are downright dangerous, which can lead to dehydration. They will teach you the best drink recipes.

drinks for weight loss

How to help the body

The beneficial properties of various teas, milkshakes, compotes and liqueurs depend solely on the ingredients that form the base of the drink. Cucumbers to remove the excess liquid with tones of lemon and juice of beet root help to purify the blood: all the healing qualities of vegetables and fruits automatically get the cup with the proper preparation. As a general rule, all drinks, slimming can be divided into several categories.

Most popular:

  • with the effect of weight loss. Disperses metabolic processes, accelerate the circulation of the blood and the fatty tissue begins to break down faster;
  • for the removal of the excess liquid. As a general rule, it is diuretic teas based on herbs. The weight loss loses the liquid, the volumes are lost and it seems as if the people lose weight;
  • laxatives. These include laxative teas and all kinds of smoothie based on beets, prunes, seaweed. The use of this drink capital cleaning of the intestines, in the body there is ease;
  • antioxidants. Perhaps the most useful of the category. Special shakes help to remove harmful substances from the body, and accelerate weight loss;
  • drainage. For the moment, even the use in treatment and dietetics for the treatment of certain diseases. The purpose of the drink is to restore fluid and electrolytes balance, which is beneficial to the general health, relieves inflammation, heals the gastrointestinal tract.

Laxative teas, like the once popular "flying swallows", it is best to put on the black list. Not only do they not help in losing weight, but dehydrate the body, clean up the microflora of the intestine, which prevents nutrients to be absorbed.

Easily buy ready to drink: they are now actively offering the beauty industry under the label slim. But still the most effective drink for weight loss of the one prepared at home.

Green tea, lemon, aromatic herbs

The best night of drinking for effective weight loss is green tea. It tones, removes excess fluid lowers blood pressure. The benefits of green tea will increase significantly if you add in the tea leaves of mint, lemon balm, one tablespoon of flower honey and give as it continues to invest in a thermos. It is clear that the filter bags for these purposes are not adequate: you need tea leaves of the first order from Indonesia or China.

To prepare:

  • 20 g of green tea leaves;
  • a bit of dry mint, lemon balm;
  • tablespoon of honey;
  • 2 berries prunes;
  • the lemon or lime.

Boil the water and let it cool to 80 degrees. Biggest mistake that the majority of tea lovers – to fill the tender leaves with boiling water. The benefit of the tea instantly evaporates in the glass is maintained in a liquid with a tea taste, nothing more. Until the water cools down, asleep in a thermos of peppermint, Melissa, put the berries plums (if desired), honey. Strain all the water and tightly cover the flask with a lid. In 20 minutes, involves a somewhat sweet drink with a subtle smoky flavor.

Pepper, nutmeg, herbs

In nutrition, often, to prepare decoctions, which are used for the recovery of water-salt balance. Patients with disorders suffer from inflammation, trying to hide the bags under the eyes, hide an unhealthy stick.lidesa. To get rid of the swelling, and to tone the lymphatic system, a special drink with spices: it is not only useful, but also very tasty. Drainage help to encourage, toning the lymphatic system. The bonus game, you get beautiful bright skin and strong nails.

Ingredients needed:

  • leaves or birch buds – 1 tablespoon;
  • blueberries, cranberries dried – 2 tablespoons. l';
  • parsley, dill – 1 tbsp. l';
  • natural flower honey – 1 tablespoon
  • cloves, nutmeg, allspice – 0.5 g;
  • mother and stepmother – 2 tablespoons

Grass to put in a thermos, pour hot water (1,5 l), allow to infuse for 30 minutes. Drink a glass 3 times a day before meals. If desired, drinks can replace dinner, drink a glass of broth, and herb croutons. Drink, enjoy the spicy aroma of the tea.

weight loss through drinks

The milk tea

This drink you can prepare in the evening for weight loss or to eat during the day. There is a whole movement based on you fasting days. If you drink only a cup of tea with milk and enrich it with a low fat cottage cheese, you will lose weight very quickly. The drink helps move the plateau, when weight is, and although it is quite satisfying to keep them in a cup of tea with milk a day is not difficult.

To prepare:

  • low fat milk – 1 liter;
  • 2 tablespoons of high quality green tea.

The milk hot, and add the solder. Let the brew that tea leaves are totally open, giving the flavors and strength. The consumption of milk with tea is better a bit warm, with little SIPS several times a day (when the first episodes of hunger). Drink some diuretic, very pleasant to the palate.

Water Sassi

Everyone who has searched for information, what drinks help to lose weight, you have probably heard about the water Sassi. It accelerates the metabolism, improves the performance of the digestive tract, removes excess fluid. While in the water are vitamins, trace elements, helping to eliminate the deficit of nutrients. The composition of the water is surprisingly simple: it is lemon and cucumber. And to drink water Sassi is possible without restrictions is lemonade homemade.

How to make a drink

  1. The lemon thoroughly and cut into thin slices.
  2. Cucumber cut into strips transparent.
  3. Ginger root grate.
  4. Mint leaves lightly pressed, to the essential oil most noted fast.
  5. Pour fresh water all of our components.
  6. Mix thoroughly.
  7. Lid of the jar.
  8. It is important to prepare the water for the night, give him a break.
  9. In the morning a delicious, refreshing lemonade Sassi will be ready.

Even if you drink of this water, only a bit limited to eat, the results will be amazing: 10 days in the intake of tea leaves 3 kg (more if the original weight was the highest). It is better to prepare the water in the summer: imported greenhouse vegetables and fruits for cleaning purposes is not appropriate.

Grapefruit, ginger and sea buckthorn

This cocktail has an interesting flavor. Literally, "Packed" with useful properties. Sea buckthorn has a natural property to reduce the amount of fat received with food. The grapefruit is a known fat burner of natural origin, such as ginger speeds up the metabolism. A drink made with ice and quenches the thirst, so that is good to cook it in the summer evenings.

We need:

  • half of a large grapefruit;
  • a small piece of ginger;
  • syrup of buckthorn (sold in pharmacies) - 50 g

In place of syrup of buckthorn will suit their juice mixed with honey. Thus, the drink will turn spicy, with a subtle note of sweetness. Cook simple: grapefruit cut into pieces, remove the bones, mix in a blender. In puree, add the ginger root, grated on a nice grater. Mix with syrup of buckthorn. Fill with cold water, to give a little bit of beer. Serve with ice cubes to pre-crush into crumbs. Drink high-transparent glass, enjoying the taste.

Instead of grapefruit you can take a Mandarin – only choose juicy and ripe.

Yogurt, ginger, mint

Very interesting drink can be prepared from fat yogurt and drinking in the night. It is very satisfying and will start the fat loss process at night, we sleep and lose weight.

Preparing all is very simple: in kefir add a bit of mint, a bit of grated ginger, a circle of lime, without seeds and grated ginger. You can Complement the cup of any greens – parsley, Basil or spinach. Beat all in a blender. Served in tall glasses, and drink in small SIPS. The drink will be more satisfying if you add kefir in smoothies a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese.

yogurt with mint

In the process of making drinks to harmony that in this there is no doubt, it will come with a dozen of their own interesting recipes. You can experiment a lot, we should not forget that the salt and sugar used in drinks is very desirable, otherwise the process of losing extra pounds will simply freeze.

And don't forget: even the most magical of drinks not effect weight loss if you do not follow at least basic diet to support your small exercise.