Diet for weight loss belly and sides menu

The body fat in the region of the press – a problem that is not easy to get rid of'. People who lose weight notice that after the adoption of some measures for weight loss significantly decreases the volume of the face, the chest, the arms, the legs, but the appearance of the abdomen and back improving slowly.

Each type of shape unwanted weight is reflected in various ways, but in any case, a great part is concentrated in the region of the press. To get rid of what it can be, if desired, the right nutrition program. Have to learn the details of the diet for weight loss belly and sides menu, prohibitions and recommendations.

diet for the sides

Principles of the diet

Diet for weight loss belly and sides is not only effective, but also simple. But it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • The diet before you need to prepare the body. For a week refuse to the heavy and junk food. Reduce portions and go for healthy food.
  • Do not overeat after the diet. If immediately after its completion, to support themselves on forbidden foods, and put in large portions, even of healthy food, the fat will appear again. Make a menu of what is recommended, and to follow the principles.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Do so even in cases where little to drink not. Two liters of water is important.
  • Do not pass the Breakfast. If you eat enough food after you wake up, the body will be strong enough on the daily burden. If you ignore this rule during the day does not leave you the feeling of hunger and to satisfy it in the evening. This manipulation is bad for the digestive system.
  • Do not take the famous phrase "do not eat after six", literally. Not only to consume food four hours before a break, because you need time to digest.
  • If you want a snack or a "strip" for a prohibited product, consume fruits. Down to conveniently mute the hungry apples.
  • In a period of consolidation result eat salads a couple of times a day. In any case, do not fill them with the mayonnaise, mustard, or tomato sauce, otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.
  • Combine nutrition with exercise. To remove the belly and flanks to achieve the best results, it is convenient to perform simple exercises at least a couple of minutes in the day. They are useful for men and women.

A list of products

Paradoxically, the consumption of certain foods has a positive effect on the body weight. Of course, to not get carried away, as even healthy food in large quantities can cause harm. Here is a list of products that are not only possible but also need to eat:

  • Fruit. Citrus fruits are especially useful because it causes a reduction of gastric tissues, after which it is temporarily reduced in size.
  • Vegetables. Have a positive effect on metabolism and create a feeling of satiety, although the low in calories. They can be steamed and used as a base for the soup. They also make delicious sauces.
  • The green. It is recommended to add to soups, salads and other dishes. The greens nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals.
  • Light dairy products. Yogurt, cheese, milk with low-fat cheese and eliminate the feeling of hunger, but they are not "heavy" foods.
  • Lean meat. Chicken, young beef, Turkey and rabbit products, the prevention of the depletion of the body by daily physical activities.
  • Oatmeal in the water. Oatmeal, rice and buckwheat contain useful carbohydrates. These substances such as fats affect weight gain, but in small amounts that are necessary.
  • Dried Fruits and nuts. It is recommended to eat a small handful a couple times a week.
harmful products

Once you know the foods that cause the appearance of fat. Some of them are known to almost everyone, but it is necessary to take into consideration the full list of products, which is impossible:

  • fast food (cheeseburgers, etc.);
  • soda;
  • alcohol;
  • juice;
  • coffee;
  • salt pickles;
  • sugar, sweets and some fruits (banana, figs, dates);
  • cooking;
  • pasta;
  • fatty meats (pork, duck, goose, lamb);
  • blue fish;
  • fat dairy products;
  • sauces are not made from vegetables (mayonnaise, ketchup);
  • preserves;
  • meats;
  • vegetables contain large amounts of starch (potato, cauliflower).

Diet menu of the week

Diet for weight loss belly and sides corresponds with the special menu. In the weeks to follow him, trying not to make adjustments.

The menu is lean, the planning of the diet in a period of consolidation result. You can replace some foods or products are identical.

For example, instead of buckwheat to eat oats or substitute orange, grapefruit.

Sample the menu of the week:

principles PP

Breakfast: 1 Cup of yogurt, toasted bread

lunch: 150 g of boiled rice, salad peppers, white cabbage, cucumber

dinner: 100 g boiled beef or poultry, 1 Cup of Apple juice, eggplant in the oven


Breakfast: cottage cheese, weak tea without sugar

lunch: rice (100 g), boiled meat (100 g)

dinner: tomato Salad with onion, olive oil, 1 Cup of tomato juice


Breakfast: 100 g boiled Turkey, green tea

lunch: 150 g of boiled fish, salad of cabbage, onion and peas

dinner: Boiled white rice, Apple, 1 glass of fresh juice


Breakfast: 100 g of boiled beef, and weak tea without sugar

lunch: Vegetable soup, bread with bran content

dinner: 150 g boiled poultry, boiled rice


Breakfast: 1 Cup of low-fat, yogurt, toasted bread

lunch: 2 pieces of potato, carrot salad, 150 g of boiled fish

dinner: Tomato salad with peppers and cucumber, 100 g of beef boiled


Breakfast: soft-boiled Eggs, 2 oatmeal cookies, herbal tea

lunch: 100 g boiled Turkey, boiled rice

dinner: 200 g of chicken boiled meat, fruit salad with orange


Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cheese, green tea with toasted

lunch: Boiled white rice, salad with onion, cucumber, tomato, pepper

dinner: 200 g boiled beef, cabbage salad, cucumber


To quickly achieve the desired effect, it is very important to exercise

The myth that the exercise carried out in the home does not lead to results, leads to the truth. In order to carry out physical exercise to lose weight, you do not have to go to the gym and ask for help from the instructor. Before some exercises, the implementation of which adversely affects the fat around the sides and belly:

  • Leans. It is possible to begin a lesson, as to the perfection the role of warm-up. Attach the hands to the waist and lean in different directions. It is advisable to do some leans back, then forward, then to the left and the right.
  • The twists and turns. Keep your arms bent in the elbows at chest level. Turn your body in different directions.
  • Deviations. Lean the housing back and turn it in different directions.
  • The leg lifts. Lie on your stomach and reliqua elbows, palms and a knee to the Canvas. Alternatively elevate the legs and bottom.
  • The elevation of the trunk. The phrase "rock press" it seems banal, but this is one of the most effective exercises. Raise the legs is a prerequisite. The first day can not be more than ten ascents. The number of sets that need to increase in a progressive way.

Even if the other parts of the body without the body fat, the physical exercise in different muscle groups is necessary. It is recommended to run, squat, jump rope, and do normal exercises in order to keep the body in tone.

Reviews tenuis

Olga: I won before the birth, thanks to sessions with a child of weight quickly to the left. But the belly only slightly decreased... Think that will disappear with time, but it was not there... I decided to take it. It was hard to give up candy and fast food. I really like this food. But I'm on a diet. And belly fat became less!!! Two months later he was gone, even though I almost did nothing.

Galina: My kind of shape of a rectangle. When I was thin, had saved the day with the help of clothing and accessories. I wore skirts and blouses with ruffles at the top, so that the figure was like an hourglass. When I recovered, the body, the appearance is disappointing. Breasts and thighs not increased much, but she had a big belly and sides. The situation was saved by a special diet, follow the recommendations. Again became thinner and the weight is not written!

Svetlana: Fat belly – what can be called hereditary. Always thought that with genetics it is impossible to fight, but the diet has changed a lot. I can't say that the result after the diet is awesome, and getting there is very easy, but it is. If you have a genetic predisposition you need to understand that even after a week of diet need proper nutrition. And the exercise is also a must! If you just do a diet, and after eating as before, nothing happens.