Exercises for slimming legs at home-effective complex

On the whole, these measures can give a great result. Consider that exercise for weight loss of the legs done, and what measures to Complement the physical activity.

slimming legs at home


The proposed set of exercises that you can perform at home. This will help you to work cash problem areas


Squats – the best exercise to lose weight the buttocks and the inner surface of the legs. One of the most effective is a variation the name of sumo.

Stand up straight, keep your back straight, feet apart much broader pelvis, hands (grab them dumbbells) position along the body. Now change the pelvis and slowly squat until your knees do not form a straight angle. Stand and stretch your legs at the knees. In throughout the approach it is important to monitor the position, the head does not lower. Take a few approaches Of 15 repetitions.


The attacks effectively uses external and internal face of the thighs and buttocks, form a beautiful relief of the legs.

Stand up, put your feet wider than shoulders, bend the arms in the elbows and place them on the tape. Step aside right leg, bending it at the knee of the region. The weight the body should fall on the right leg and the left s' to act as a support. Follow the posture, lift chin. We only need to work the lower part of the body. Do the lunge on the left leg. On each leg do 2-3 sets of 15 times.


This exercise will help get rid of fat legs and to work the buttocks, shape slender hips. Stand straight, slightly bend your knees. Now fold, fold them at the right angle. Hands dumbbells move in the front of the thigh to mid-calf, and back, without getting to stop. Do 2-3 sets of 12 or 15 times


It is also recommended to perform leg swings by the loss of weight in your legs – this is a great exercise for muscles of the outside and inside of the thighs, the buttocks. The use of wheel weights.

Stand up straight, keep your hands on any the proposition. Take a straight leg to the side, the realization of a Mach with a maximum amplitude. The exercise can be done lie.

Control of the posture, the back should be straight in throughout exercises, the body does not tilt. You should only work the legs. For each leg do 2-5 sets of 12 times


This is a static exercise, which, although it seems simple but perfectly working legs and buttocks. Stand with your back to the wall and half a step back away from her. Supported, try to fall in an imaginary chair. In hip and knee the set will be formed of angles as you sit in a chair. Hands down, or cross them over the breast. In this position, hold for 1-2 minutes. The optimum number of iterations 2-5.


At home for this exercise can use two stools or chairs set next. The design must be sustainable is important. Lying on her stomach, so that the body placed on the surface of the shoulder to joints of the hip. The feet should lie flat on the ground resting on the ground with the toes. Hands comfortable place under the breast. On the exhalation lift the legs to a line with the body, on the inhalation, bring them down again. Repeat 8 to 10 times.


Scissors – a great exercise for weight loss the thighs and legs, they also work the back and press. To perform them lie on the floor, hands position parallel to the body bottom of the back of the press to the ground floor. To divert the attention of the floor straight, legs under a small angle. Ideally, they should be near the floor without touching it. Follow the movement imitating a pair of scissors without bending your knees. The amplitude of movements should not be big. Repeat at least 10 times.


What you can do with the gymnastics bank or in its place stool. S' load front, inside and back thighs and buttocks last.

Grab a dumbbell and take a step on the platform with the left foot. Standing on the platform, must to form a right angle. Pull the knee of the leg and lift on the platform with both feet. Keep a second and lower to the ground. Make the necessary the number of steps, first to a and then for the other foot. Control of the balance. The number of repetitions – 10-12 for each leg, a number of approaches.


This is a great exercise burns fat, strengthens muscles of the femur and tibia, contributes to weight loss in feet.

Stand right, step right foot forward, to change your weight. Turn to the right angle, and left knee position practically in parallel to the floor. Keep the posture with deployed shoulders and your back straight. Lean on foot right leg bounce up and down . When you jump can help you stroke hands. The next attack do the same to the other leg. The number of repetitions up to 12 with a few approaches.


year of the gun

Great exercise for losing weight in the abdomen and legs, what is the maximum load of the legs. But keep in mind that this is complex, and it is advisable to run, if you already have a certain level training. Squat on one leg, pulling the second forward. The exercise also helps to improve coordination (in principle, only a hand stick to some kind of support). Then repeat for the other foot. To make each 10-12 times. The exercise is great and burns calories helps to strengthen the muscles of the leg.

Do not try to lose weight too fast. Unlikely exercise for weight loss legs help to eliminate them a week as well as the long lasting results you need more the time, but it is important to practice regularly, and soon you'll see the results. Useful slimming leg cardio – running, jump rope, exercise bike and the machine elliptical. You can pay attention to Pilates, breathing exercises. Excellent operate and different types of dances.


As such, the loss weight diet legs as well as belly, does not exist. Need a good and healthy a diet that is full of useful substances, and even that will be minimal the amount of simple carbohydrates and fats. It is important to to eat enough vegetables and fruits, that are low in calories, but a great deal of valuable components.

If you want to get rid of the excess volume, it is recommended to minimize the amount in the diet the following products:

  • animal fats, mayonnaise and other sauces, butter;
  • bakery products, bread, white, various cakes and other pastries;
  • chocolate, ice cream and other sweets;
  • fatty types of meat;
  • sausages, smoked products, pickles;
  • fried foods;
  • sweet drinks;
  • the alcohol.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to include in the diet products, accelerating the body's processes metabolism. It is not only the already mentioned vegetables and fruit, but cinnamon, green tea, and caffeine. It is important to eat enough protein – it helps to lose weight and participates in the construction of muscles. It is contained in lean meat, fish, dairy products, low fat, cheese, chicken eggs.

You also need carbohydrates complex. Give a long energy, saturating and the prevention of overeating. Best their sources are cereals (buckwheat, rice, millet). For its preparation, it is recommended to use water or milk of 2.5% fat.

It is not necessary to enter into the diet serious restrictions, otherwise the result will be unstable and the short-term. Eat small frequent portions, not letting yourself starve, eat useful products


Wraps – a great way to tighten the problem of the area in order to accelerate the fat loss process, to get rid of cellulite. You can go to the hairdresser but you can also make a wrap for weight loss legs at home. They will help to accelerate the blood circulation, break down fat, bring out the body of toxins and improve the skin tone/


Before you take a bath and try problem area of bushland. Clean the skin, apply she selected the part of the spiral wrap of the foot wrap in several layers and lie under a blanket for 30-60 minutes (depending on ingredients). After rinse it with warm water and apply to the skin anti-cellulite cream. Wraps recommended do a course of 10-15 treatments at intervals through day.

There are many recipes for wraps. These are some of them:

  • Heat the liquid honey in a water bath and mix with essential oils (you can take rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, orange) and apply on the feet. Take 4 or 5 drops of oil in two tablespoons of honey.
  • Take blue clay, dilute it with water, is heated to 40 degrees to get creamy consistency, that is applied to the feet.
  • You'll need coffee grounds, which you need to mix with essential oils (you can take the geranium, fennel, juniper or it is indicated in the first recipe). Composition apply evenly to problem areas.

Before you make a wrap, make sure you are not allergic to the components in its composition.

Not wraps regularly, as a complement to them proper nutrition and physical activity – and soon you will notice that your feet become very more slim and toned. Don't forget much to move and lead an active lifestyle is also it will help to improve the shape without having to do any a lot of effort.