How to quickly lose weight 10 kg in one week?

First of all, I want to say that quickly lose weight 10 kg without damage to health is a fantastic idea. In fact, if the progressive weight loss of the body weight is reduced by burning fat, then with a loss of kilograms of body out of the water and proteins, that is to say, "materials of construction" for the cells of the body. In this case you lose muscle mass, and probably we have a problem, there will be disease. Not to mention the fact that any diet that explains how to lose weight in a week, then leads to the moment of recovery of body weight and even their increase.

To lose weight fast in a week, burning only the fat mass is realistic, because it is necessary to perform this amount of exercise, not controlled, not only people with excess weight, but also a strong supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Thus, for example, by simple calculations we can find out what a day you need to run at a speed of 10 km/h to 19 hours! Not miles, mind, but hours, which in reality is not in principle.


How to lose weight quickly

So suddenly, not caught up with the idea that soon the New year, a birthday or a holiday and, in short, in need of a diet, how to lose weight in a week should take care of their appearance and health in the future. At least three months before the proposed event. This will prevent instant of the diet and the hunger and reduce the weight slowly. Thinning in time, you can not fear for your skin, mood, muscle tone and skin, strength and good humor.

In addition, you should follow some simple rules that are easy for a person who says: "I really want to lose weight!"

The first rule that became the subject of jokes and the subject of jokes, but, nevertheless, the important thing is not to eat after six in the evening, when the body is not as efficient at the time of compiling and assimilating the food, which leads to the deposition of the excess weight.

You should also arrange your meals, adhering to a certain time. Therefore, most of the food they should have for lunch, which is 11-13 hours a day. The meal should not include carbs, it is best to make your dinner of steamed vegetables. And as Breakfast is helpful to use dairy products, fruits, you can also afford the luxury of honey and other sweets in small quantities.

And don't forget the pure non-carbonated water. A person who needs quick weight loss at home should drink two glasses of water before a meal.

Lose weight in a week

If you have decided on drastic measures and you'll lose weight in the shortest time, get ready to seriously limit yourself in the near future. If you have a friend who lost weight that way, ask him about the consequences and side effects that inevitably causes the ensuing week sharply restrict food.

So, for those who find a rapid weight loss acceptable option, the following diet, affordable, and are made up of low-cost products.

Monday. As they say, a hard day, to feel this will help in a bottle of mineral water without gases, divided into six receptions. But the water that day did not get anything.

Tuesday. In the morning you can eat an Apple, which was completed with a litre of low-fat milk, spread throughout the day.

Wednesday also promises a severe test: as in first day, only you can drink a bottle of mineral water, which are divided into six receptions.

Thursday seems to be a real holiday after three days of intense austerities: today it is possible to prepare a liter bowl of salad of carrots and fresh cabbage, fill it with various herbs and a spoon of vegetable oil. In addition, you can afford the luxury of two glasses of water or tea... well, of course, without sugar.

Water and diet

Friday was again prepared for us skim milk. This pleasure should be spread throughout the day, so more than anything today is impossible.

Saturday, after a hard week will be a true pleasure. In the morning you can drink tea, hard-boiled egg and 11 hours of eating vegetable broth, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other delicious vegetables, which, however, may not be used, since the broth. Royal lunch is 100 grams of boiled lean meat, with a tin of peas as a garnish 100 g. the Rest of the diet will be apples: one for afternoon snack and dinner, and at nine in the night.

The resurrection has in store for us, 100 grams of cottage cheese and a couple of glasses of kefir or milk. In the evening you can afford a Cup of tea.

If you use this diet the first time, you can expect a weight reduction of 10 pounds. In a month it is not advisable to use this diet more than once. Keep in mind, however, that those who once lost 10 kg, will continue to launch 3-4 kg. And before I tell you that I want to lose 10 kg in a short period of time, remember that short-term diets often lead to the exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new diseases. So it is best to visit a specialist and consult him.