List of foods for weight loss

In the moment of realization that harmony is the result of the health and the own style of life, you need to know exactly what foods must be thin diet to lose weight person. The process of burning calories is the result of a high level of metabolism, to maintain that the body needs in order to provide the required amount of nutrients.

The effectiveness of fasting — myth or reality

Most of the people think that the root of the problem of excess weight and practically all products, claiming that the fastest way to lose weight allows the denial of food. Fasting can bring nothing good but harm for the health. The limited or complete refusal of food enters the body in a state of stress. Deprived of their main source of energy, it starts working in slow motion, a decrease in the rate of metabolic processes. The first signs that the signal on "the economy of the mode of functioning of the body are: problems with concentration, weakness and fatigue too.

The decrease in food intake, undoubtedly leads to rapid weight loss, but not at the expense of fat burning. The fat of the body is, above all, a valuable strategic reserve of energy that is consumed last. Lost pounds becomes liquid, and the destroyed muscle tissue. This leads to a greater slowing of metabolism, that is activated as the replacement of lost, and the new set of kilos.

low in calories

The loss of weight without harm for health in the first place, implies a reduction of body fat. Ideally, you should balance the proportion of fat and muscle tissues. This will be not only thinner, but also to buy a beautiful and harmonious body.

What foods promote healthy weight loss?

To reduce the amount of fat and not to cause harm to the body, the food that is consumed in certain categories of products. Some help to speed up the metabolism, promote other extinguere hungry for a long time, there are people who, because of the large volumes of carry a feeling of satiety. The right combination and preparation of these foods makes it possible to acquire the long-awaited harmony, to strengthen health.

Low in calories

Ideal for people who are accustomed to frequent snacking. Low in calories characteristic of citrus, fresh vegetables with vegetables. Are water and fiber. They fill up quickly, filling the stomach, while the number of calories consumed remains very low. The ability of the fibre to eliminate toxins and cleanse the intestines also play an important role in the reduction of body mass.

Contains a low percentage of fat

Each gram of fat conclude about the new calories. This means that any fatty foods one of the highest in calories. The greatest danger to the health and for the figure represents a category of fats, as saturated. That clog the blood vessels and lead to the development of various pathologies. In order not to damage the figure and the body, the diet must be present fats rumperet products. These include: seafood, white fish, chicken breast, offal, and fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese.

With the exception of some varieties of oily sea fish, which contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are responsible for the metabolism of fats, reduce the risk of obstruction of the blood vessels. This type of fatty acids are not produced in the body. The main sources are herring, salmon, mackerel, salmon pink.

The protein

Each athlete will call this category of products of the main "hunting" with the fatty tissue. High levels of protein that stimulates the growth of muscle fibers contributes to the initial conclusion that the tissues of excess fluids, speed up the metabolism. Among protein-based products that promote effective weight loss, the best are those in which there is a minimum of fat. To provide the body with the protein, the menu includes such foods as meat poultry liver, meat, Turkey, eggs, squid, low fat cottage cheese and chicken breast.

With a low glycemic index

Are natural adipem burners, normalize the levels of blood sugar and control appetite. The most useful of them think that the salads, vegetables, raw or cooked, vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, legumes, savoury berry fruit. Allow us to avoid the effect of the increase of feelings, of desire to eat sweet, that is experienced when consuming sugary foods. The more sugar, the stronger the appetite, which is the main enemy on the way to find slender and beautiful figure.

Contribute to long-term saturation

To maintain the metabolism throughout the day at a high level without a long time the feeling of hunger, allows a well-chosen menu for Breakfast that includes hearty and low-calorie foods. First of all, is that it contains carbohydrates complex foods, which includes: whole wheat bread cooked in Italian, that is "al dente", pasta of durum wheat, and many kinds of cereals. This is the main reason that nutritionists recommend for Breakfast delicious and healthy oatmeal.

useful products

Outputting excess liquid

The excess weight is how the fat and the excess accumulation of fluid. And that the product was considered the best in the fight against excess weight, we need to pay attention to their ability to stimulate metabolic rate, but also to expel the liquid. These foods include prepared sugar, grain, fruit drinks, orange, fruit juice, green tea, and celery. To avoid amassment liquids must limit the intake of glucose and salt, does not take can cause damage to the health of diuretic supplements and remedies.

How to maintain the results achieved?

It is not enough to lose a certain amount of fat in the body, you also need to fix the effect. To adhere to proper nutrition if during the day. Snacking is recommended useful for weight loss products. Instead of yogurt, you should drink kefir, chocolate candy, replace dried fruit, pasta — dried fruit.

From the daily menu that you want to eliminate fast food, processed under industrial conditions and meat cooked in the factory of sweets. They should be vegetables, organic meat, mushrooms, cereals. This will allow you to lose weight without any type of stress and damage to the body.