Photos of girls before and after weight loss

Most people start to lose weight with enthusiasm, but quickly abandoned. Start again Monday, new year, tomorrow.

As well as the decades pass: in my dreams - slim body, the reality is excess fat.

We offer you to see the pictures of the people who have been for a long time, and then he losing weight and keeping the weight brought the case to the bitter end.

The secret of harmony is simple! A proper diet and exercise.

Find "your" sport. Good choice: yoga, Pilates, dance, gym, Yes, even a strip of plastic. Circumstances you can always wrap up in their favor. And if your physical capabilities before you put your limits-that doesn't mean you have to give up! The dedication and the willingness to play a very important role!

History, No. 1

At the end of the school, spread out in breadth, which ceased to appear in any school or class activities. Came up to the point that even I don't want to go to the ball and to graduate. My mother spoke to the daughter to buy him a dance gorgeous dress. But prom even more disappointment it.

And then he decided to change.

Daily, he began to walk for 6 miles. After review of the relevant literature, it became balanced, eat well. The result is manifested in a month. And now, after exactly a year, instead of a plump "aunt", appears in the incredible beauty of the girl, who weighs 50 kg.

Story number 2

As many can remember, has always been one of the main and dreamed of with a to lose weight. So that life was like a roller coaster: eat, do not eat. 2.5 years, with the growth of 176 cm And weighs 73 kg.

It seems that relatively small deviations from the norm, but everything seemed sad, the extra pounds And clearly was not. The fat deposits on the belly and sides, which could not develop I have a kind of inferiority complex: "I could be so much better, why not use it???"

With a stable population, the frequency of the diet was in a bad state, and the weight never left. Instead of resorting to the best action of the majority, that is to say, complaints and claims of bad genes, I found a good trainer and... fell in love with him.

Since it began - I can not imagine my life without sport, and my coach is now my husband-to-be — supports around me.

the girl in the green bathing suit

Story no. 3

40-year-old British TV presenter has passed your body.

Photos of Claire running around in a green bathing suit instantly became the object of ridicule for millions and an incentive to lose weight for Claire.

After 6 months of hard workout that includes kickboxing, exercises with dumbbells, push-UPS, squats and running, before the world community was to see a new Claire, who lost 10 clothing sizes of 16 to 6. After the surprising and rapid transformation of the protagonist is called

"I may be 40 years of age his mother, but I have the body of 20-year-old girl"