12 best exercises for hips and stomach

Until now, the majority of women have to cope with a problem like this as the excess fat in the sides and other parts of the body. This is because the modern world has a variety of products with harmful additives that not only violates the metabolism, but also lead to obesity.

exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Your attention provided a variety of exercises that will help tighten up the sides and to remove the folds of fat.

7 exercises to slim the sides and the belly without sports equipment

You need to understand that to get rid of the excess fat from the sides need not only exercise, but also a special diet. Need to give up flour products, sugar containing fast carbohydrates and fats, dairy products, sausages and foods that contain preservatives.

metabolism, drink water 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Before you go on a diet, consult your doctor!

Before these exercises you will need to heat 10 minutes. Warm-up to do from top to bottom. Especially should pay attention to this part of the body you will train.

Exercise 1 – press in the lateral abdominal muscles:
  • Put the Mat on the floor and are located next door.
  • On the one hand pull the front of it, he stopped.
  • On the other hand behind the head, so that the side to look at the ceiling.
  • Simultaneously, begin to lift your torso and legs up, then down. When lifting the body to breathe, reducing a rush.
  • Download side abdominal muscles 10 times for 3 sets.
Exercise 2 – press the abdominal rectus muscles:
  • Lie on the floor on his back.
  • Hands behind the head.
  • When you inhale begin to lift the trunk, when you exhale – let.
  • To make this exercise you have a rounded back, twisting of the stomach.
  • When raising the body must make a loud exhale.
  • Do not rush, you must feel like your abdominal muscles.
  • Press it about 10 times in 3 groups.
Exercise 3 – Torsion on the earth:
  • Lie on the floor on his back.
  • Place hands on the sides perpendicular to the body.
  • Bend your legs at the shins and lift them.
  • Begin to lower the knees to one side, then to another.
  • For the complication you can put between your knees, a ball or a book.
  • Repeat this exercise 10-15 times for 3 sets.
  • Twisting run before the burning in the muscles.
exercise for weight loss belly and sides of the twist Exercise 4 – The-Mill:
  • Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  • The exercise is performed with straight legs and hands.
  • Lean forward and swing the first hand down, and then the other.
  • During the year, and keep breathing
  • Run of the mill around 20 times in some approaches.
Exercise 5 – Bodyflex:
  • Sit on the ground and bend under the knees. The back should be straight.
  • When you inhale raise your left arm up and bring back to right, wait a few seconds when you exhale – return to its original position. You should only feel a stretch the sides.
  • Repeat the exercise with the other hand.
  • Drag several times, alternating the hands.

In addition to this exercise is that when you run are the training not only sides, but also develop the flexibility of the spine and the legs.

Exercise 6 – Table:
  • Put the elbows on the ground. Take advantage of this situation to keep the body perpendicular to the floor.
  • Back straight, legs straight, head level with spine.
  • In this position try to hold for a minute.
  • More time can be increased.
  • Do not worry that all my body trembled, because this exercise involves all the muscle groups.
  • When you run the bar not the bottom of the pelvis to keep exactly to the end of time.
Exercise 7 Side table:
  • Lie on the floor on one side.
  • Rest one hand on the ground.
  • On the other hand behind the head.
  • When inhaling, lift your pelvis off the floor and raise to the highest point and be a bit late.
  • When you exhale, the pelvis down.
  • Make the side table for 20 times, changing sides.

5 Exercises of the fat folds side — to carry on with the sports team

Exercise 1 – the Rolls on an exercise ball:
  • Put the exercise ball on the floor.
  • Stand with your back to the gymnastics ball.
  • The palms down on the floor shoulder-width aside and put your feet on the ball.
  • Back, as well as the legs should be straight.
  • A little bend your knees and roll the ball in the face, then the other.
  • Repeat the rolls several times
Exercise 2 – Bends with dumbbells:
  • Grab with two hands a dumbbell that weighs 2 kg and more.
  • Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  • Start to stretch one hand with the dumbbell to the side and down, back and lean the other way. Make the tracks a couple of times.
  • With time, the weight of the dumbbell can be changed.
  • This exercise can be performed with one hand, and tilting the body sideways, on the other hand plays behind her head.
Exercise 3 – the body Becomes with a stick or stamped:
  • Pick up a stick of wood or fingerboard. If you carry out exercise at home, and you are a sports regular, one can use a MOP.
  • Sit in a chair or a bench. Keep your back straight.
  • Get the stick behind the back.
  • Start to turn the body in one direction to its maximum point and then in the other.
  • Repeat this exercise several times.
exercises for a flat stomach Exercise 4 – Torsion wrap
  • The heavier the device, the more cash the net next.
  • For this exercise, take the Hoop. A good alternative is to wrap the challah Basket.
  • Turn in the Basket of 10 minutes. More time may be higher.
  • Torsional Hoop or hula-Hoop can appear bruising on the sides — so before you run to wear tight clothing that will be comfortable to turn.
Exercise 5 – torso Twists on the disk
  • Stand on the disk next to the Swedish wall or a chair to avoid falling.
  • Keep your back straight, keep your hands on the chair or the Swedish wall.
  • Begin to rotate the body to the right and to the left in a average tempo. The feet have to go in one direction and body in another.
  • When turning you should feel it working the side abdominal muscles.

To remove the band of fat is not so difficult, the most important thing – regularly to carry out these (and many more) exercise, eat well and lead an active lifestyle.

The thinning of the sides – and not only — that also contribute to the ease of running, stretching exercises and swimming lessons.