Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Starting to lose weight, definitely start with drastic changes diet. Remember – a successful correction is impossible without the fulfillment of this important condition.

Nutrition for effective weight loss:

  • Reduce the use of, or the elimination of a long period of time of the daily diets of fast carbs (sugary foods and baked goods).
  • Cooking without salt (or with a small amount d') due to the ability of sodium chloride to retain water, which leads to swelling.
  • Fractional power in small portions (up to two hundred grams, five or six times a day).
  • The daily consumption of about two liters of clean not boiled water, which helps to improve the metabolism. This is an important factor for weight loss.
  • Replace all fatty foods for a maximum fat-free products. Cook lean fish, poultry, veal, beef. They prefer the meat of rabbit.
  • The correct choice of method of cooking – boiling, stewing, using a double boiler, oven.

Causes of fat and extra kilos

How to assure doctors, the stomach should be a small amount of fat, as it served as a kind of protective barrier all the internal organs and bones. But an excessive amount of fat in the body should be a concern. So why there are the extra pounds and belly fat?

  1. Genetics is known to be stubborn. It is believed that if the grandparents or the mother there are problems with the fat deposits, they can go to heirs. The most common forms are "Apple" and "pear". If you have a form of "pear", kilos go to the bottom of the body, if "Apple", then in the stomach.
  2. Bad metabolism. In recent years, the metabolism decreases significantly. This is what leads to the accumulation of abdominal fat. It is known that women are more prone to deposits in the abdomen than men.
  3. Overeating. If the day to eat much more than this, without the extra pounds do not do here.
  4. The stationary style of life. If a large amount of time is spent on the computer or the TELEVISION, and absolutely no physical exercise, the extra pounds gained the least amount of time possible.
  5. Stress, tension and diseases. The stress or illness has a significant impact on any body, especially for women. Stress and tension increase the level kartizola in the body, which can cause deposits in the waist and abdomen.
  6. Any change of hormones. This is especially true for women, whose age does not have time to cross the threshold of 40 years. The amount of fat in the body may increase in proportion to the body weight.

The most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back with a photo

This is the best set of exercises that will help to make a belly at home, because it is not only the twists on the press, and has counted with the intense exercise that promotes rapid fat burning, not only on the abdomen. But you need to understand clearly that the effect will be stronger and more perceptible, the more effort you put into it and the more complex approach to the issue of weight loss. This means that, along with the classes, there is a right nutrition and not to rush to the extreme, for example, to resort to low-calorie diets, which compares the hunger strike.

  • Torsion

No popular movement of torsion of the press. It is not the most efficient, but will help to strengthen the muscles of the base, if combined with a proper diet, and in the short term you see the results. Lie on a Mat face up. Bend the knees, the feet have the entire surface be low. Put the hands behind the head. Take a deep breath and lift your body off the floor. Exhale when you come up. Inhale when you go down again to the starting position. Breathe in when you lower the body of the plant. Do 10 repetitions, and then repeat 2-3 sets.

  • Reverse crunches

Lie on a Mat face up. Bend the knees, the feet have the entire surface be low. Put your hands down along the body. Raise the legs so that hips were perpendicular to the floor. Increase your lower back, so that her knees moved to her chest. Inhale when you put your feet on the ground. Breathe when it will break the back of the plant and brings the knees to the chest. Do 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

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  • Oblique twists

The movement is very similar to regular crunches, but here you have to turn one shoulder towards the other. Lie on a Mat and hands behind the head. Bend your knees so that your feet don't touch the ground. Lift your body as in the flexi tacuissem, turn your right shoulder towards the left. The left torso should be on the floor. Repeat for the other side. Rotate your left shoulder towards the right without lifting the right side of the trunk of the plant. Do 10-12 repetitions.

  • Press on the lateral abdominal muscles:
  1. Put the Mat on the floor and are located next door.
  2. On the one hand pull the front of it, he stopped.
  3. On the other hand behind the head, so that the side to look at the ceiling.
  4. Simultaneously, begin to lift your torso and legs up, then down. When lifting the torso take a breath, lowering – exhale
  5. Download side abdominal muscles 10 times for 3 sets.
  • Press on the abdominal rectus muscles:
  1. Lie on the floor on his back.
  2. Hands behind the head.
  3. When you inhale begin to lift the trunk, when you exhale – let.
  4. To make this exercise you have a rounded back, twisting of the stomach.
  5. When raising the body must make a loud exhale.
  6. Do not rush, you must feel like your abdominal muscles.
  7. Press it about 10 times in 3 groups.
  • Mill:
  1. Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  2. The exercise is performed with straight legs and hands.
  3. Lean forward and swing the first hand down, and then the other.
  4. During the year, and keep breathing
  5. Run of the mill around 20 times in some approaches.
  • Strap:
  1. Put the elbows on the ground. Take advantage of this situation to keep the body perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Back straight, legs straight, head level with spine.
  3. In this position try to hold for a minute.
  4. More time can be increased.
  5. Do not worry that all my body trembled, because this exercise involves all the muscle groups.
  6. When you run the bar not the bottom of the pelvis to keep exactly to the end of time.
  • "The bicycle".

Starting to perform, you need to take a proper position – lying down, the back should fit comfortably on the ground, hands to clean up behind your head, legs bent at the knees forming an angle equal to 45 degrees.

Technique. At a distance of 50 cm of the ground lift the legs, pre-bent at the knees, and begins to become imaginary pedal. To run faster, scrolling is lower than 15 times per 1 approach. Just do 3 or 4 approach.

  • Exercise with the Hoop.

To acquire a better shell is more weight (2 kg and more). Under torsion, the stomach must be tense. The recommended duration of 1 hour or more with a bit of rest, no more than 3 minutes.

The realization of the following exercises, you need to take a position, spread a little legs apart, with hands pressed to the waist. It is important to maintain the position of the body proper, maintaining the feet firmly in the soil. Technique: to make deep bends from side to side alternately.

  • The bends with dumbbell:
  1. Grab with two hands a dumbbell that weighs 2 kg and more.
  2. Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, back straight.
  3. Start to stretch one hand with the dumbbell to the side and down, back and lean the other way. Make the tracks a couple of times.
  4. With time, the weight of the dumbbell can be changed.
  5. This exercise can be performed with one hand, and tilting the body sideways, on the other hand plays behind her head.

A set of exercises for weight loss belly and sides

  1. Lie on the floor, arms outstretched to the sides. Exercise do not hurry, and make sure that the leaves fit snugly to the Mat. Simultaneously raise your legs vertically upwards and then bring them down to the right. Have not touched a surface is horizontal, take a breath and return to the initial position. Do two sets of 10 repetitions for each side.
  2. Initial position: lying on your back with stretched along the body hands. Legs pressed together bent at the knee joints, feet stand on the floor. Take a deep breath and at the same time start to slowly increase above the floor of the pelvis and then the spine. At the same time, slowly take the hands behind the head. For a second hold your breath and freeze. While exhaling, return to I. p And so, more than 10 times.
  3. In the position of supine, placed under the pelvis belt small roller. The straight-arm throw over the head, so that they were palms up. Slowly lift up your left leg vertically. Freeze in this position for half a minute. See the breath be soft and deep. Returning to the initial position, do the same with the other leg. All you have to do this exercise 30 times.
  4. Sit on the Carpet and pick up a small weight. Straighten your back, pull your belly and a little bend your knees. Transfer of weight from left to right, never for a second relaxing the abdominal muscles. Do at least 2 sets of ten times on each side. Breath all the time, it must be slow and deep.
  5. Place feet shoulder width apart and sit on the socks. Press the palms to the ground with force and pull your navel. Rotate the trunk to the left, pull soft right leg, as shown in the photo. Go back to the original position, quickly change the leg. The minimum number of approaches – three, and the number of repetitions – 10 in every limb.
  6. Initial position: hands extended rest of the towel, knees bent resting on the floor. Drop the shoulders down and pull your stomach very much. Slowly move the hands forward. Do it until, until you touch the chest floor, do not let the bottom of the back DROP and keep the strength of the back. Return to the starting position to perform a fully relaxing. You should perform this exercise a minimum of 20 times, breaking them in several approaches.

Cardio for weight loss belly and sides

Cardio includes exercise for weight loss belly and sides, it is able to increase the frequency of heart beats up to 130-150 per minute. The most common types of cardio are running, Cycling, swimming, walking brisk and aerobic. The latter is very convenient to do at home.

belly dance Calculate the forces and perform complex non-stop for 20-25 minutes. What exercises to do to eliminate belly fat?

Running in place for weight loss belly and sides

Running in place does not require explanations... Running in place with high elevans thigh – lift the hips as high as possible to the breast as often as possible to change the legs. "Lift your legs" – run with the leg bent at the knee when the foot reaches almost to the buttocks.

Jumping. Feet together, arms along the body. Jump legs apart, at the same time raising the hands to side to position above head. Jump back to the initial position.

UPS. You can choose as the object of a chair, bed or something else. Lifting the right leg, the same leg and go down. Do two sets of 10 repetitions for each leg.

Cardio must enter the warm-up or the end of power (20-30 minutes).