How to really lose weight: story and photography

Obese since childhood, during pregnancy, first, and then the second girl scored more than 30 kilos.

She lost 35 kg (90 to 55)

the before and after photos

Since childhood, I was, as they say, "blood with milk". However, And for seven years was engaged actively in judo and popular dances. And although I've had success in my efforts, the skin cannot Express themselves the way I would like. I envied fragile and light as a feather, the girls at the dance. I put in the second row and were not given solo rooms due to my appearance not taking into consideration my perseverance and hard work. During adolescence, the situation has only worsened. In 15 years, And in the background of the hormones recovered to 73 kilos. Remember, as the boys drew pigs and signed these caricatured images my name. It was very disappointing, the growing complex. In the end, at graduation, citing the disease, I didn't even come as a field has come to the situation.

The first revolution in my life happened in my third year of University, when I decided to try to limit the number of calories consumed for a critique of 300-500 and a few months, the weight loss from 78 to 60 pounds. As I have gained a ulcer of stomach, do not understand yet, but is that brittle nails, teeth and hair fall, And became well known.

In this form, And be able to stay a long time. After I got married and got pregnant, the arrow on the scales went up. I gained 25 pounds and had to lose weight after giving birth, became pregnant with a second child. This time it was even gain of 18 pounds. In short, having two children, I was a girl who weighs 90 kg. But what to do with this "good", I already knew.