Massage slimming abdomen and sides

Harmonic of the figure always attracts the attention of the opposite sex, so with the arrival of the heat of girls and women aktiviziruyutsya and begin to get your body back in order. Abdomen is the problem area of many beautiful ladies, especially those who have recently experienced childbirth. There are several ways to make it amazing and attractive. One of the most effective massage for weight loss belly and sides. Do it systematically – and you'll forget what is the fatty apron.

Massage slimming abdomen and sides

How to remove fat from the abdomen and back with a massage

To adjust this area must be smart. Lose weight in the stomach and sides as possible with the help of self-massage, but it has been literacy. Some important rules:

  1. Any manipulation of the abdomen and the sides should produce no less than a couple of hours after eating. Then do not eat for hours.
  2. All the moves have to be polished. Be particularly sensitive when focusing on the lateral areas of the abdomen, as they often enlarged blood vessels and lymphatic tissue.
  3. Be sure to lubricate the skin for massage or any other type of oil. If you use honey or other active compositions, after the manipulation to treat the abdomen and flanks moisturizer.
  4. Before the intervention, test the active ingredients – the effects of the Allergy may be too strong.
  5. Quickly remove the fat from the stomach you get when you combine massage with diet, exercise. The compliance of the water (drinking) regime – a prerequisite.

Folds of fat on the belly starts to noticeably melt after 2-3 treatments, but provided they adhere to the right path of life. Can be alternated with the massage of body wrap then the effect will be even better. As the current formula, and use honey, cosmetics, mud, algae. About the techniques, the benefits of different types of massage for weight loss belly and sides is discussed below.

To remove the fat from the waist and sides


To remove the fat from the waist and sides, the use of silicone banks. Before procedure it is necessary to heat the skin, the treatment with a solution of alcohol, apply olive oil. Below you can squeeze in a little jar, put it on the belly side (no stripe), let it go. Creates a vacuum effect, and the surface of the skin is drawn into the jar. Look inside to see it was not more than 1.5 cm of the epidermis. Driving massager slimming belly clockwise, drawing them in zigzag or in spiral. The duration of the first session of a maximum of 5-7 minutes, then increase to 10 minutes.

After the intervention, are back, and relax. Relax for half an hour. Do not worry if there will be bruising is a common side effect. You cannot pass in the course of their massage slimming abdomen and sides. The situation worsens when the body fat much. To achieve a good result requires 10-15 procedures that should be carried out two times a week. Massage improves circulation, increases elasticity, muscle tone, tightens the skin, stimulating the acupressure points.

To remove extra deposits


The procedure is performed in the beauty salon by means of apparatus that pumps and sucks the air in certain areas of the body. To remove extra, with a frequency that are not very pleasant, but effective. The device creates a pressure drop, so that taking into account the deeper layers of the dermis. Take a photo of before and after the intervention, you will see that in 10-15 sessions took approximately 3 cm.

Abdominal massage is available as:

  • The master deals with the skin oil, pull the fabric slightly – strokes, squeezes.
  • Then turns it on, moves the Cup along the skin.
  • At the end of the procedure, the technician soothes hands.

Important details:

  • After the first manipulation you will notice the improvement.
  • Hardware massage is prohibited for edema, diseases of the heart, the blood vessels of the skin, the presence of blood clots, varicose veins.

With massager

There are several types of massagers:

  1. Empty. Specialty stores sell portable massagers, acting on the principle of cans. Sophisticated machines equipped with attachments, through which you can adjust the intensity of the impact. The procedure is very copies, providing rapid weight loss.
  2. Vibro massagers. Manual fixed model to increase the circulation of the blood in the problem area. As a result, the skin is saturated with oxygen, it starts the process of elimination of toxins. The device performs a massage draining.
  3. Heat massagers. Heat up the problem area and stimulate the separation of the sweat, the waste products of the body. Available in belts.
Massage apparatus


Belly and flanks are very well away from the massage with honey. To use procedures liquid honey of natural origin. Apply the product in the problem areas, wait until it is somewhat absorbed. Then "attach" the hand of her stomach and quickly open it. This method speeds up the circulation of the blood, remove waste products, toxins. Duration of treatment – 5-7 minutes. To reduce the surgery in 15 sessions.


Self-massage is done by standing in front of a mirror. The steps in the procedure:

  1. In the first place, it is necessary to prepare carefully the skin – apply cream to cellulite, essential or massage oil.
  2. When the lubricating substance is absorbed, began to stroke the skin – relax the muscles.
  3. Then, lightly mash it for the stretching, the formation of folds.
  4. Again apply oil (olive, peach) on the skin, evenly spread.
  5. Knead the lower part of the abdomen, gripping the sheets between the palms of the hands.
  6. Do a little pinch on the belly button with both hands towards the other.
  7. Need easily bit the skin around the navel in against the needles of the clock (15 times).
  8. Walk the hands along the line of the spine (manipulation to strengthen the muscles of the peritoneum).
  9. Good mush Mouth strong settings. Move the waist up and down.