Lose weight properly

To begin with, before looking for ways on how to lose weight the right way and effective, it is necessary to go on reception to the endocrinologist, especially when you have a large amount of excess weight or have been for a long time can not lose weight. If the problems and hormonal background, the attempts can be ineffective. Then you must first undergo a treatment and then to lose weight under the supervision of a doctor. the doctor</1_img>

Advice on how to get started to lose weight to go to fat, in order to comply with the now you can everywhere. Most of them are on the Internet. Recipes fast loss of weight is printed each self-respect of the women in the magazine. If you want, you can sign-up for the training that will help you to focus on the weight loss programs psychologically.

But in this abundance of information is very easy to get lost. Especially in the nutrition tips. For example, a magazine recommended to lose weight of protein in the diet and the other, also authorized edition, he writes about how it is harmful. A person who does not even know the basics of a healthy diet, after reading all of these materials is of course, how to lose weight how to start to see the return of the weight is not repeated.

It is better to go to a nutritionist that will develop for you personally perfect diet. But these consultants are only in the big cities.

And that tells us how to lose weight the woman who lives in the province and also wants to be slim and beautiful. We just have to learn to do it yourself at home. And it really is not as difficult as it seems at first.

The correct scheme

In order to lose weight at home,you need to deal with this issue comprehensively. Beautiful figure stands on three pillars: nutrition, physical activity and healthy habits. In the absence of at least one of these components of weight will be very reluctantly, and soon you'll just throw the idea of weight loss.

So to begin with, forget the word "quickly", put out a magazine promoting a diet that is rigid and strive to make everything as comfortable as possible for the body.

Yes, when we lose weight, properly, no stomach ache, no brutal hunger nor nervous stress! Incredible, isn't it? But yes it is possible. Here are the most popular, with the advice of specialists in nutrition, how to organize your diet and daily routine in which we lose weight the proper way and not stop fat without possibility of return.


Most of the beginners questions arise about some of the diets. Remember, the way how to lose weight of buckwheat, yogurt or any other (even useful!) the product does not exist! Food</2_img>

The diet should be varied, and the menu of the week to include all the essential products. Only then the body will continue to work optimally and not of the experience of stress, which is normal after extreme weight loss.

Here are the rules you must follow when you lose weight at home:
  1. The diet should include fresh vegetables, animal protein, a small amount of fats and slow carbohydrates. No group of nutrients completely from the menu can not be excluded!
  2. In the morning it is advisable to start with a glass of clean water, you can add slices of lemon, which is consumed immediately after waking up. It cleanses the body and stimulates the digestive system.
  3. Breakfast need to eat no more than half an hour after waking up. So that the body receives a signal that the hunger strike is not the expected and, therefore, the metabolic processes, can proceed at normal speed.
  4. Fractional power is the more rational and so acceptable to those who lose weight. It is 5-6 meals in small portions at approximately equal intervals of time. This allows you to have constant hunger.
  5. Dinner after six in the evening for example, if you go to bed late. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. Better if it will be protein – fish souffle, or dairy products.
  6. Make sure to drink plenty of water – at least 1.5 litres a day, and if you actively train, then more.
  7. Allow is. Portion of ice-cream or cake favorite once a week figure is not damage, but to lift your mood and will make the diet less boring.

And remember that the principles of a healthy diet is not a diet. This is the only way to lose weight effectively at home when there are so many temptations.

Of course, the most harmful, you are given: the pickles, smoked meat, semi-finished products, pastries, pastry, fast food, alcoholic drinks and carbonated beverages should be forgotten for a long time, but better – forever.

Menu of the week to take into account in advance. This will balance the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which is the percentage of do 30/10/60. If there are problems with the cuisine of the diet dishes, it is the time to open a magazine on healthy eating and try something new.


But what you eat, without physical in any way. Regular exercise will allow the body to slow the metabolic processes, enrich the cells and tissues with oxygen, pulled muscles, make you stronger and more resistant. exercise</3_img>

Faster fat is burned with aerobic exercise. Too jealous is not necessary. The powder should be at 60-70% of the maximum permissible value, which is 220 minus the age. But the duration of training of not less than 20 minutes from this moment begins to burn fat.

Bored in the gym? Go outside! Roller-blading, Cycling, badminton, tennis, Cycling, Hiking and excursions – all of these are fun and useful. And in a good state of mind that are burned faster. It is boring to walk alone, the perfect companion will be a dog. To walk have been several times in the day and in any weather. There can be no fat!



To lose more weight faster will help good habits. But first we must abandon harmful. That all stop smoking necessarily better – myth! If you manage your diet and exercise, the fat will not increase. But the feeling and the condition of the skin significantly improves.

To help you be more slim and toned, as useful habits:
  • Contrast shower. Can you take twice a day. It will speed up the metabolism, improve blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, relieve muscle tension and stress. But in the morning it is necessary to finish with cold water, and in the afternoon – hot.
  • Massage. Held 2-3 times per year massage course of several treatments everyone can afford. Modeling massage can quickly reduce the volume of the problem areas and remove cellulite. Honey speeds up weight loss and rejuvenates the body. Lymphatic drainage relieves swelling and promotes the elimination of toxins.
  • Loading. It does not matter if it is the practice, will discipline to start the day with 15-20 minutes of charging. They heat the body, stimulate it and accelerate the metabolism. More useful to squat, bending and jumping rope. Then you can make a small extension to tighten the muscles.
  • Of healthy snacks. To die of hunger, while weight loss is impossible. Therefore, make it a habit to carry a diet bar, an Apple or a handful of dried fruit. Were saved from the famine, when very hungry, instead of empty calories the body receives the nutrients.
  • The quality of sleep. Lack of sleep is the biggest enemy of weight loss. But the body is not yet the time to go to sleep. In sleep was deep and healthy, it is necessary to go up to 23-24 hours and get up at 7-8 in the morning. Before that, do not forget to ventilate the room!

It is equally important to learn how to deal with the stress. Many recover because they begin to "jam", your sweet "or " drink" the alcohol. Good habit – relieve stress-exercise or walk. This burns more calories and improve mood at the same time.

The plate model

Works invented by Finnish nutritionists authoring system "lose Weight correctly", which will help beginners to leave without a basic knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating the system. The secret is to fill a bowl with food must not blindly and strictly following certain principles:

  • Mentally divide the total volume into 4 parts.
  • The two of them to fill with fresh or cooked vegetables.
  • The fourth part is the garnish.
  • The rest of the space for the meat or the fish.

Not more than three times a week, designed to decorate, can take a small piece of bread. However, with a model of this type is difficult to force yourself to lose weight man – half a plate of salad in the eyes of men does not look very convincing. But there are ways to add a little fun to a menu.

For example, when the system of the "lose Weight correctly" is already a good form in the head, in this view, you can imagine all day. That is to say, when four meals in a day, twice a day on the table there are dishes of vegetables, once the meat and grains (or pasta). This approach is rational and makes for simple diets to lose weight at home for a month at 2-3 pounds, which is a very good result.

Reviews and results

Reviews of weight loss confirm that the diet gives better results than the adherence to the principles of proper nutrition. Maybe the weight was not as fast as one would like. But he does not come, if you continue to live a healthy life and quality of life. And in a little over a month, it can become a habit healthy, and you imagine how you can live without the sports or eat half of a cake at the same time.

A significant extra bonus. When we lose weight, the body as flowers: the skin is elastic and elastic, the slim figure and toned, nails strong and hair shiny. A healthy lifestyle rejuvenates the body. And who doesn't want to look younger than their years?