How can you lose 10 kg in a week at home?

Which diets will help you lose 10 pounds a week. What are their disadvantages. Because of what the weight will disappear.

The terms "yesterday" are very common in our lives. At work, the boss requires reporting this way, it is also necessary to have time to do the housework, most often the day before, and not today. And to lose weight. . . Here the Lord Himself commanded to look beautiful and slender right here and now, but not for a few months or even a year! It is not surprising that they think about losing weight at the peak of the beach season, on the eve of a sea voyage, but not in winter or spring.

Therefore, there are many questions like "how to lose 10 kg per week". Moreover, it is desirable to do this without physical exertion, because there is simply no time for fitness (and the desire to go there). There are many such tips online, some of which may even be of real help. But not everything is so simple.

Need for Sports

how to lose 10 pounds in a week

The phrase "at home" is more common than others found or implied in the demands of people rushing to lose extra pounds urgently. Above all, while choosing a gym, while buying a subscription, while choosing a training program. After all, the holidays are over, and you probably decided to start losing weight a week before it?

Then we responsibly declare that there will be no high quality weight loss without physical exertion for the aesthetic appearance of the figure!

There are several reasons why sport is essential:

  • muscles are kept in good shape;
  • uses more calories;
  • metabolic processes are accelerated.

Sitting on the couch will not be able to do this, so the effectiveness of any diet will decrease dramatically. Even if they die from bread and water, you will be able to destroy fat only thanks to its expenditure for the daily needs of the body. Above all, even sitting still, the body expends energy on metabolic processes: respiration, heartbeat, brain activity. One has to add only minimal physical activity (even if it is an exercise bike at home), calorie expenditure increases dramatically.

Also, without sports, muscle tissue will break down even faster than adipose tissue. After all, the body will simply not need to store it, so it will release energy from it very actively, as calories do not come with food.

Reducing to a load-free diet will make you smaller, but not getting the shape you want. Above all, it is the muscles that form all the curves and lines of the body, which are so highly valued by the opposite sex. When the muscle gets fatter, it is not about attractiveness.

Types of emergency weight loss diets

Let's say you do not care about the look of your score. The main thing is to squeeze into the pants a few smaller sizes and so that the arrows on the scales show the desired figure. How can this be achieved within a week using only diet? Only an extremely strict calorie intake restriction (but not more than 20% of the rate) can help achieve this goal.

Many mono diets are rushing to help in this endeavor. The best known of these are kefir and buckwheat:

  • The first allows, in addition to kefir in unlimited quantities, to eat 100 grams of rice or boiled chicken without salt per day.
  • But the second does not allow you to eat anything but 200 grams of buckwheat a day. Moreover, it does not even need to be boiled, but boiled in boiling water overnight.

Losing a few pounds on such a starvation ration will work. But even these diets do not guarantee the loss of 10 kg within a week. The body in the first days will resist to lift its weight, so such a fog can lift not 10, but 2-4 kg, and even then not because of fat.

Additional ways to lose weight

Since a diet does not guarantee the desired result, then you can try and in some way increase its effectiveness. To accelerate the loss of a kilogram, many additional tools have been invented. Here are the key ones:

  • metabolism stimulants;
  • diuretics
  • ;
  • thermogenics.

Speed ​​up your metabolism

ways to lose weight fast in a week

The first item on the list is the most accessible - regular coffee. More precisely, it contains caffeine. It is very actively used in sports food products. Caffeine speeds up metabolism, makes a person stronger and dulls hunger. Taking it will make it easier to tolerate solid diets and slightly speed up the body’s calorie expenditure.

In a relaxed state, caffeine use will not provide the same help as during active sports (there, the increase in calorie expenditure reaches + 20%). However, this metabolic booster also has obvious disadvantages. You run the risk of encountering a number of side effects:

  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • nervousness
  • ;
  • high blood pressure.

Substances contained in coffee beans stimulate the nervous system, leading to an acceleration of metabolic processes by activating the production of adrenaline. Anyone who has been very nervous and experienced the release of adrenaline into the blood knows how this hormone affects a person’s condition.

Headaches with prolonged increase in adrenaline concentration are quite common and the quality of night sleep is predictably reduced. This does not allow a person to heal normally, which is very important in a diet.

Finally, if you have a problem with coffee and your blood pressure rises, then any caffeine-based supplement should be avoided.

How to lose weight with water?

It is not about forcing people to sit in water alone without food. But accelerated removal of fluids from the body is possible very quickly, in just a few days. Do not underestimate the weight of excess (and not excess) water in your body. For just an active workout or going to the sauna, a person can lose 2-3 kg just because of fluids.

A variety of diuretics are used as stimulants. They really help to lose weight without physical activity and even without special diets - just by removing water.

But fluid loss is dangerous through dehydration. The higher the risk of its occurrence, the less a person consumes moisture. Therefore, if you have already decided to gain weight with diuretics, then especially monitor the volume of drinking water in your diet. There is no limit! The same thing, all the excess will leave the body very quickly along with the swollen areas.

In addition to the risk of dehydration, weight loss with fluid secretion is fraught with the immediate return of edema after stopping the use of the diuretic. If the body lacks water, it will accumulate it with the first glasses of fluid, returning everything to its place.

Increase in body temperature

weight loss methods in a week at home

Unlike caffeine, which boosts adrenaline metabolism, thermogenics do this by raising body temperature. Hot red peppers can be considered a classic example of a product in this class.

Extracts of different varieties of peppers are added to special preparations for burning fat to increase sweating and increase the rate of fat release. Spicy food itself also acts as a good fat destroyer. So in Southeast Asian countries, where the menu of people consists of strongly peppers and spicy dishes, there is no total problem with overweight.

it is only necessary to take into account that spicy food is a very serious irritant to the gastric mucosa. And the more actively it appears, the more empty the stomach is. So it is not recommended to rely on pepper during fasting periods.

Why are weekly weight loss diets ineffective?

More precisely, they are effective only for a very short time. In theory, you could starve and dehydrate to the point of losing a significant amount of weight in the short term before the holidays. The main thing here is that your vacation is not long enough. And then by the end of it you can easily get it back to its original state, or even add a little!

it is easy to predict that excess weight will definitely return. After all, once you make a decision to lose weight and start exercising it, it will cause severe stress on your body. It is not surprising that after the end of the fast, he will begin to severely replenish his reserves.

The body will not be able to adapt to the new living conditions in any extreme fast diet.

fast diets for weight loss within a week

Therefore, drastic weight loss is always inevitable with the return of weight, sometimes even with a range of new pounds. It's the natural defense of your body against potential stresses in the future.

Also, rapid volume loss will adversely affect your skin. It just won’t fit with the reduced fat pad. Wet skin is unlikely to add aesthetic appeal to your appearance.

How dangerous are sudden changes in body volume in the skin, pregnant women know who get stretch marks on the abdomen as they grow older.

Work alternative

Let's summarize. Slimming diets of 10 kg per week have a short-term effect. They inevitably regain the lost pounds, and the appearance leaves much to be desired due to the great loss of muscle tissue and sagging skin.

Any really effective diet is long-term and balanced. To create the conditions for safe weight loss and maintain maximum muscle tissue, you must also engage in physical activity. They prevent the body from splitting with the muscles and consume much more calories. This allows you to not limit your diet so much, without putting your body in front of severe stress. Any fat burning medicine works much more effectively with physical activity.