"Favorite" diet

the essence of the preferred diet for weight loss

Modern women increasingly began to prefer the weight loss method called the "favorite" diet. This is due to the fact that the principles of its nutrition are quite simple and effective.

But once you have chosen such a diet, be prepared for the fact that the diet will become a real challenge for your body. Special attention should be paid to those people who have various chronic diseases. Because, along with losing excess weight, you can damage your health.

Nutritionists in their estimates for the "Favorite" diet do not recommend following it for people with kidney, liver and heart disease. Also, you can not adhere to a diet similar to the presence of gastritis, colitis and disorders in the digestive cycle.

Furthermore, this diet is forbidden for people who are prone to emotional overload. Therefore, before switching to the mentioned weight loss method, you should definitely consult your doctor.

General Diet Recommendations

As you follow the "Favorite" diet, the results for each person will be completely different. But in general cases, such a low-calorie diet allows you to reduce your weight by about 10 kg.

The duration of the diet is 7 days. During this time, it becomes possible not only to lose weight effectively but also to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and toxins.

Medical experts in the "Favorite" diet reviews before starting it recommend that people with constipation prone to cleanse the intestines. To do this, you need to drink a laxative at night, and the first day all food debris will be washed naturally.

This procedure will prevent poisoning of the body with harmful toxins. And this, in turn, will eliminate headaches and poor health. In addition, such bowel cleansing will enable the body to more efficiently assimilate beneficial elements and vitamins that will enter it in the coming days.

Also, nutritionists in their reviews of the "Favorite" diet indicate that if you want to reduce your weight by more than 10 kg, then this diet will help reduce stomach volumes. This, in turn, will facilitate the transition to a proper and balanced diet for further weight loss.

It is recommended to repeat a similar diet only after 3 months. Without a break, dietitians do not advise you to follow it further, as you can significantly damage your body.

The principle of a Preferred Diet is very simple. The first, third and sixth days are drinking days, during which you should eat food only in liquid form. The second day is vegetables, and the number of vegetables can be unlimited.

The fourth day is considered fruit. During this time, you can eat an unlimited amount of fruit. On the fifth day, you should eat protein foods, which are good for eggs, boiled chicken and yogurt in small amounts.

The results obtained during the "Favorite" diet are consolidated on the last seven days. It is considered a smooth exit from a similar power system. At this time, you can eat all kinds of products that are used in the design of the menu for this diet.

Favorite diet menu

what foods you can eat in your favorite diet

To achieve the most effective results from your favorite diet, you need to know which foods you can eat and which are forbidden. Thus, for example, on drinking days it is not recommended to use fresh water and juices.

And mayonnaise can not be used for salad dressing. Vegetable oil works well for this. You also need to completely eliminate sugar, salt and alcoholic beverages.

The "Favorite" diet menu for the first day of drinking is as follows: breakfast consists of 200 ml of low-fat kefir and a cup of sugar-free green tea. And for lunch, you can use 200 ml of chicken broth without salt and spices. For dinner, 200 ml of milk is good, and for an afternoon snack, 150 ml of yogurt is allowed.

The second day vegetable menu is also simple and affordable. For breakfast, you should eat two tomatoes and for lunch, prepare a salad with green vegetables. These can be cucumbers, cabbage and herbs. For fuel, you should use vegetable oil. Afternoon snack on this day will consist of two fresh cucumbers, and dinner - of vegetable salad (peppers, herbs and cucumbers).

On the third day, the Preferred Diet menu will include liquid food. For breakfast, you can prepare a 200 ml milkshake and a cup of sugar-free green tea. And for the second breakfast should drink 200 ml of milk. Lunch on this day consists of 150 ml of chicken broth, and an afternoon snack - of 200 ml of kefir. You can use 200 ml of milk for dinner.

The menu for the fourth day of the diet is fruitful. Therefore, you should eat 2 oranges for breakfast, and grapefruit for lunch. For lunch, you can prepare a fruit salad, which will consist of kiwi, apples and oranges. And for an afternoon snack, you should use a pear or an apple. Dinner on this day consists of grapefruit.

The menu of the fifth day of the "Favorite" diet is protein. For breakfast it is recommended to boil two eggs and drink a cup of green or black tea without sugar. For the second breakfast, you can cook 200 g of boiled fish. And for lunch - 150 g of boiled chicken breast without salt and 100 g of boiled peas.

An afternoon snack on this day can consist of 100 g of fat-free cottage cheese. And dinner complements the diet. For this, 100 g of hard cheese of not too salty varieties are suitable.

Sixth day of "Favorite" diet drinking again. Its menu is very simple. Breakfast will consist of 200 ml of kefir and a cup of green or black tea. As a second breakfast, you can drink 200 ml of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

For lunch, it is recommended to prepare 200 ml of chicken broth without added salt and spices. And for an afternoon snack, 200 ml of a milkshake is appropriate. Dinner on this day consists of 200 ml of milk. It is recommended to drink tea without sugar between meals.

To get out of the "Favorite" diet, you need to eat 2 eggs and green tea for breakfast and any fruit for lunch. It is recommended to prepare light rice soup for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner. Drink non-carbonated water throughout the day.