Diet for weight loss belly and sides menu, permitted and prohibited products

The fair sex in all the possible options, trying to eliminate fat from problem areas of the body.

The main weapon in the fight against the problem is to control the consumption of calories. Options diets weight loss belly and sides for women with a menu of the week is very diverse in their approaches and recommendations.

The list of allowed and prohibited foods for weight loss belly and sides

how to lose weight

Many girls in the fight against excess weight, especially in problem areas are starting to try gymnastics and load, forgetting about the restriction of calories. To remove hanging belly and reduce the waist size, in addition, should adhere to the restrictions on the food.

For weight loss waist and hips you want to exclude the following products:

  • The sugar is the enemy number one for weight loss of people.
  • Salt – slows down the metabolism, which leads to the formation and accumulation of cellulite.
  • Flour products, pasta, potatoes are sources of complex carbohydrates.
  • Meats, fast food, sauces – allow the body to actively accumulate fat.

Japanese diet for weight loss belly and sides for women: menu of the week

Japanese variation implies eating healthy food.

The eating habits are defined by precise rules:

Day of the week Foods and products of the day
Monday Tea with honey

The Kale salad, 250 grams of tomato juice

The Kale salad + meat fish boiled without spices


The boiled tea and a cookie

Salad with 3 vegetables and boil with a bay leaf fish

1/5 kg of oven of meat from the diet, yogurt


Tea with a small slice of bread of bran

The egg and any vegetable cooked on the grill

Egg + 100 gr of beef for a couple + salad of cabbage fresh


Shredded carrots, dressed with lemon juice

Fish in the oven + 500 ml juice


Friday Cm. Thursday

2 cups of tea

500 g steamed chicken + salad of carrots and cabbage

2 eggs, 2 carrots


Cup of tea

250 g beef stew

250 g of chicken boiled

These products are low in carbohydrates, so there may be a deficit of vitamins. It is desirable in the period of the diet to take vitamins and drink enough water.

Weight loss egg diet

Egg product containing 85% water and 15% protein. This is the option for optimal efficiency, the indicators of health. During the week you can lose 3 to 5 kg.

Approximate diet of the week:

Days of the week Menu
Monday Omelette of 2 eggs, an orange and coffee without additives

2 hard boiled eggs, tomato and tea

2 eggs + 200 g salad no dressing + tea


The breakfast is the same as the first day

2 eggs and an orange

200 g of meat boiled and salad vegetables which includes only 3 component


The breakfast is the same as the first day

2 eggs and spinach in the steam bath + herbal tea

Same dinner, the same as Monday + cheese.


The breakfast is the same as the first day

2 eggs and spinach in the steam bath + herbal tea

2 eggs, salads, a part of fish stew, the juice.

Friday Cm. Thursday

The breakfast is the same as the first day

Fruit salad

2 eggs, a salad based on celery and tea


Scrambled eggs and coffee

Eggs + meat with tomato + tea

Carrot salad + scrambled eggs + cold boiled breast

Attention! The problems that can arise with the digestion of proteins. If you feel bad, you need to leave the diet.

The three days rice diet for weight loss belly and sides menu

diet for weight loss

To reduce the total weight will help >the three-day diet of rice, which involve the use of the most simple and affordable products. The main dish is the boiled rice.

Detailed menu:

Day The diet
1 100 g of boiled rice with lemon peel

A glass of vegetable broth + 100 g of boiled rice with fresh herbs + vegetable salad

Repeat the lunch. Instead of salad, 1 boiled carrots.


7 tablespoons of cooked rice, an orange, a Cup of natural yogurt

Cup of soup based on rice, no potatoes and a salad of cucumber and tomato

Boil the rice and grilled vegetables


Grapefruit and boiled rice

A glass of juice, rice, stewed mushrooms

Rice and vegetable salad

After 3 days you realize that waist decrease in the circumference of 3 cm to the left of 3 kg.

Weekly diet plan for weight loss belly and sides

For weight loss you should choose the diet has a duration of 7 days. The menu for each day must be planned in advance. In the compilation of the diet should take into account the intensity of physical activity.

Attention! Mono suggest a significant weakening of the body.

Buckwheat diet

Implies a simple diet that includes only boiled buckwheat and water. Option involves the use of buckwheat in an amount sufficient to quench your hunger.

Buckwheat need to dissolve the whole of the night in boiling water. The proportion of cereals and boiling water – 2:1. You need to eat on a schedule 3 times a day. For the saturation and the maintenance of the water balance need to drink a glass of clean water.

Apple diet

Apple is a unique fruit, which helps to maintain the body in the process of the diet. So many girls and women in the struggle for slim hips and a belly chose this fruit as the base.

Characteristics of power in compliance with the Apple diet:

  • The first 2 days designed to prepare. At the beginning you can eat fruit, salad vegetables and meat boiled. Second day – apple and cucumber salad with lots of vegetables.
  • The next 3 days eat only apples, the regular drinking water.
  • The last 2 days you can eat steamed vegetables, apples, vegetables, salads, juices. The part that should be small, and the consumption of water has increased in comparison with the previous ones.

During the diet the waist and hips will shrink in volume of 3-4 cm, to lose 5-7 lbs.

Kefir diet

Kefir is the base of many diets, but there is a strict menu option involving the use of only 1 product. Diet the first three days only includes yogurt with a fat content of 1%. The amount of yogurt can be 2 liters per day + 1.5 liters of herbal tea.

On the fourth day of the yogurt add the cheese, then steamed vegetables and meat. The amount of consumed milk fermented product per day of reduction. Smaller meals can be consumed in minimum quantity.

The Diet Dukan

menus for weight loss

The diet Dukan is very popular among those who want to lose weight effectively.

It is calculated for 1 month, consists of 3 phases:

  • The first phase – "Attack". Menu – boiled fowl, baked fish low-fat varieties, yogurt, oat bran.
  • The second phase – "Cruise". You can eat grilled vegetables, with a minimal amount of starch.
  • The third phase – "Consolidation of results". Allows a minimal amount of cheese, boiled vegetables, fruit, meat, fish.

In the process of weight loss, the body is not exhausted, it is admissible to physical exercise. You need to carefully control the diet. Preferably, each time to drink a bit of water. The nutrition should include the consumption of oat bran every day.

Buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss

A strict diet include buckwheat with yogurt menu of two dishes – boiled buckwheat, kefir. The diet includes 3-course meal, comprising 200 g of cereals and a Cup of yogurt. Dilute the limited menu can water.

Protein diet for weight loss belly and sides menu for 7 days

The easiest, in terms of maintenance of the protein of the diet. The menu, with a variety of allows you to the experience of difficulties and taste restrictions. To compile a list of dishes and products that are used the options that contains the maximum amount of protein.

Weekly diet:

Days of the week Low-calorie options
Monday Breakfast: 10 tablespoons of cream cheese low fat + coffee without sugar

Snack: Apple

Lunch: 150 g of grilled Turkey breast.

Snack: natural yogurt.

Dinner: salad of cucumber and cabbage, grilled fish


Breakfast: a glass of pure yogurt

Snack: grapefruit

Lunch: meat in the oven with vegetables

Snack: kefir

Dinner: boiled fish


Breakfast: omelette of 2 eggs

Snack: 2 Mandarin

Food: chicken with rice

Snack: 50 g of nuts

Dinner: meat with vegetables on the grill


Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and 2 cookies oatmeal

Snack: banana

Lunch: a Turkey and rye bread

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: fish and vegetables


Breakfast: a piece of cheese and tea without sugar

Snack: Apple

Lunch: beef stew with vegetables

Afternoon tea: black tea with bread

Dinner: fish with rice


Breakfast: scrambled eggs + coffee

Snack: kiwi

Lunch: grilled fish and vegetable salad

Snack: cookies and milk

Dinner: soup with vegetable broth legumes


Breakfast: 200 g of cottage cheese with herbs

Snack: juice with pulp

Lunch: meat with bread of bran

Snack: pomegranate

Dinner: rice with vegetables

To be able to remove the 3 cm at the waist and 3 to 5 kg of weight.


To get rid of body fat, sufficient to limit itself to food. There are many choices of diets. Each menu consists of reducing the amount of food ingested, the observance of the norms of power in accordance with the provisions of the charter.

Make a selection of the guidelines a nutritionist and personal preferences. It is difficult physically and mentally to adhere to the mono-diet, having a diet with only one dish. The rest of the diet is more gentle to the body.